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  • Cinematic - (Ase Remastered)
    Cinematic - (Ase Remastered) My life feels like this track, it's all cinematic shit... Dramatic cinema
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  • RUN - (Ase Remastered)
    RUN - (Ase Remastered) Ha'haaaa!! Yeah man, we were bang'in this on recon rollin' through Indianapolis heading to KC! Back in the beginning of Y2K's #USMC4Life
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  • Only One Way Up - (Ase Remastered)
    Only One Way Up - (Ase Remastered) As I’ve grown older, I have become a wealth of knowledge & wisdom especially with music and sound, the beat has a ZZ Top feel to the track.. “Legs” (1983) And Styx (1977) “Castle Walls” Only children of the 70s and 80s Etc. would understand where I’m coming from... Lol! Another pic from my "Kell's" braids-dayzI Guess I just have the perfect connections with ppl. because i have someone bless mke with the first official Jim Jones studio album a year early before it;s release date of (2004) Ha! I Had the album in (2003) An Ppl would ask me "Yo! Ase, Who That!" An I ain't said shit! LMFAO!!! #CamRon & #JuelzSantana
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  • This Is Jim Jones - (Ase Remastered)
    This Is Jim Jones - (Ase Remastered) On-Leave I went to the record-shop cop'd "On May Way To Church" (Jim "Jimmy" Jones) first album, the first time I heard this track me & the cuzzin'z were on our way to Wildwood N.J. kickin'-it-back in the Daytona hangin'outta the damn ride acting fool on everyone at the beach ⛱ Lmao! My sideways cornroll-braids, Pic from (2003)
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  • Mahogany  (Ase Remastered)
    Mahogany (Ase Remastered) When I here the word/name Mahogany, I think of my "Dukes" Mum (Mother) Diana Ross was your favorite singer/actress, Miss Ross starred in the movie Mahogany. My “Dukes“ also love the movie (Lady Sings The Blues) Shirrr! Anyway Weezy banged on this right-here! Ayyy! Les' All Let The Good-Times ROLL!!!
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  • I Bought Her  (Ase Remastered)
    I Bought Her (Ase Remastered) HA!! A Flash-Back Pic When I Was In My Apt. Makin' Beatz! Ayy! This Track Right Here.. Yeah, It's My Flow... Let The YS's Do That Thang!
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  • Lil' Baby  (Ase Remastered)
    Lil' Baby (Ase Remastered) HA!! Pic From 2012, Most-Defiantly On One Before It Was On One Back Then... Another one of those flow tracks that suits me to my slow-motion-flow... Ayy... "Mercedes... Lil' Baby!"
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  • Formula - (Ase Remastered)
    Formula - (Ase Remastered) (2007) pic lmao! From my younger dayz... An it's still all about that FORMULA! Those who know me knowww!
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  • Recipe - (Ase Remasterd)
    Recipe - (Ase Remasterd) Truly moving song, I really can attest to the track. Sounds like me sometimes for true!
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  • Brothers On My Jock - (Ase Remasterd)
    Brothers On My Jock - (Ase Remasterd) Track Is A Classic RAP "Hip-Hop" BangI Track was sampled from Bob James's - Nautilus: #EPMD's (Business as Usual) Album was not as acclaimed as their first two albums, but was not considered to be a failure either. One notable aspect here was the debut of future Hip Hop star Redman, who appears on the tracks "Hardcore" and "Brothers on My Jock". Three singles were released from the album, "Gold Digger", "Rampage (Slow Down, Baby)" featuring LL Cool J and "Give the People". In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums. The album was certified Gold by the RIAA on May 7, 1991.
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