Hi, I am Arsath Working as a Sales officer at Balloonee which is one of the leading Helium gas manufacturing company located in Dubai.

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  • Disposable_helium_tank
    Disposable_helium_tank Balloone’s disposable helium tanks give you the convenience of being lightweight and easy to handle. Be it 10 balloons or a hundred, we have tanks in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Visit us for a better insight into our services. http://bit.ly/2BGybGK
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  • Helium balloons Dubai
    Helium balloons Dubai Ever marveled at the sight of those colorful balloons adding beauty to the already beautiful city of Dubai? We bet most would have gotten the helium balloons from us, Balloonee as we are among the top-notch helium balloon suppliers in Dubai. Associate with us for once and we are sure you will get back to us for all your party balloon needs.
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  • Helium cylinders
    Helium cylinders Where is the fun without balloons in a party? Balloonee‘s helium cylinder kit breathes life into any party with its n number of balloons and cylinders of varied quantities. Wanna know more?? Contact us. http://www.balloonee.com
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