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Language Instruction - Arts and Entertainment. Language Instruction Audio Programs. Language Instruction Audio Programs-Now is your chance to shine. The boss has just called you in to get your opinion on an important issue. You are up for that promotion, after all, so what you say can really open doors for you. Well, you begin confidently, between you and I, this could go good, or this could go bad. If it was up to me, Id make sure that... Wait a minute. Whats that look on her face Why is she wrinkling her nose I didnt even get a chance to make my brilliant suggestion! What just happened hereP
What happened here was bad grammar. What you say is important, but how you say it is just as important. Dont make the mistake of thinking that grammar is too complicated or boring for anyone but linguists and nerds. We all use grammar, but many of us could use it better.P
IA Shortcut to Good GrammarI is an entertaining and funny program that will help you avoid the mistakes that get noticed and make bad impressions; make grammar work for you instead of against you; discover that good grammar is simple and within your reach; forget about your eighth-grade English teacher; and hear real grammar the way its really used.

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