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2018-08-24-16-38-IST - Rebuilding Kerala
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So there are these rains in Kerala.

Torrential rains.

Dams have been opened to let off water.

It hasn’t rained like this since about 1924. Now it is 2018-08-17.
Now it is more than the torrential rains of 1924.


Mud from hills just flowing in the water and depositing on the land.

So :
1. A fresh layer of soil is exposed on the hills.
2. A fresh layer of soil is deposited on the land.

It appears that God’s own country
…Kerala is called God’s own country…
has got a second chance at agriculture.

I hope they will in future use only organic manure
…from cattle etc…
and have a beehive at the center of each field so that pollination occurs and there is a good harvest.

By using only organic manure, plants will be healthy and they will be fruitful. No need for anything else. Simplifies life. Provides income from dung. Nothing gets wasted.

Further reading about judgment against using pesticides and insecticides at URL – http://annsianl.blogspot.com/2018/03/2018-03-17-14-27-ist.html
Please see below for the pertinent point - "The fields are now ready to be planted with organic-original-code-plants and trees.



#KeralaFloods #KeralaFloods2018 - Trying to find the silver lining amongst the rain clouds - Kerala now has a new surface of land - the hills have a below surface, and the land has an above surface. Only #organicManure from now on, and #originalDNA plant http://annsianl.blogspot.com/2018/08/2018-08-17-17-41-ist-second-chance-at.html

In addition, people have been suffering from various degrees of disease
due to ingestion of fruits and vegetables and food contaminated with insecticides and pesticides.

So, once only original-DNA plants are grown, and only organic manure is used for crops,
…with a beehive at the center of each field so that pollination occurs and there is a good harvest…
then the health of people will also improve.


Roads: 3
Buildings 4
Use of flooded areas: 4
Appendix A 5

Rebuilding Kerala:

#KeralaFloods #KeralaFloods2018


The roads need to be laid again.

Town planning can be utilized to plan out town roads.

Plastic can be collected at Rs. 200 / kg. and incorporated into the roads to add durability and stability to the road.
Ref. : the method of road-laying as set forth in the ©CIPS document found on the internet – URL – https://www.tce.edu/sites/default/files/PDF/CIPS-PlasticRoad.pdf
Please see Appendix A also.


Also, plastic will be OFF the road, and IN the road. So the area will be plastic-clean.

Now that we know the paths of the water from the dams, we can build on the lands that are not in the path.

Tallest buildings in the world can be built, to minimize
…minimum land area used so that after decades, more tall buildings can be built to accommodate the population…

the land area used and maximize the occupancy.
For tall buildings, there could be exit-staircases, as well as exit-chutes to quickly exit the building in case of need.

Use of flooded areas:

All the land that was flooded becomes agricultural land.
This is so that if there is another flood, the maximum that is lost is one crop, while getting nutrient-rich mud from the flood.


Second chance at agriculture :

Lands that attract rainfall, called “wet lands”, should be kept exclusively for agriculture, to produce food etc. for the teeming millions of people living near that land, and those living in desert like conditions.


Original-DNA plants, which are unmodified will be the natural best crop.

Organic manure is the natural best manure.

Beehives at the centers of each field and orchard etc., is the best way of increasing the pollination of flowers leading to more development of flowers into fruits. Thus, it is the best natural way of increasing the harvests.



Appendix A

- some matter from the https://www.tce.edu/sites/default/files/PDF/CIPS-PlasticRoad.pdf -
Please visit the URL for the executive summary et al..

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