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2018-08-10-11-32-IST - Satellite planets
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So there is this satellite-planet, constructed completely by mankind.

It is in orbit around the earth or stationary in orbit above the earth.

Building materials are sourced from the Earth or from other planets, and the 3-D printing of components happens in space, and the components are joined together to form the satellite-planet.

Since gravity is absent at the satellite-planet, the tallest, widest possible construction can be done.

So if a satellite-planet stays stationary above the earth, then there could be radii drawn from the center of the earth, passing through the surface and reaching the satellite-planet.

So it would be like an exo-surface around the earth, high above the ground, in space.

For living purposes, food and water are necessary.

If all cleaning and cleansing agents are bio-degradable, then all the used-water from the kitchens and toilets can be poured over sand, and filtered down a few metres, to get clean water, as well as to filter out all the organic particles into the sand, which could possibly be then used for agricultural purposes.

The filtered water could go through tubes exposed
…or the sun’s rays could be focused via concave or convex lenses
…concave lenses or convex mirrors…

on the tubes, for maximum heat transfer to the water, to quickly bring the water to a boil…
to the sun’s rays, and the water could boil, issue out as steam, to run a steam-turbine
…the steam pushes magnets to move in the presence of stationary electric coils, and then electricity is induced in those coils, which can then be collected in a battery, for later use….
, and then condense into pure H2O water, which is good for drinking purposes.

All the organic particulate matter would have been trapped in the sand-filter, and so all the minerals and salts necessary for growing plants would also be added, and then the minerals and salts will be found in the plants, which then are good sources of food for the humans and animals on the satellite-planet.

Food is prepared from the agricultural produce of the satellite-planet. The peelings and leftovers are fed to the animals.

When the animals have eaten and lived their life, and finally die, as was the case with all living creatures, then once the life departs, if the animal is edible, then it is processed to get Old Dead Healthy Tough Minced (ODH-TM) meat
…more about ODH-TM meat at URL - http://annsianl.blogspot.com/2018/04/2018-04-26-12-37-ist.html
and that becomes a food for the humans.

I suppose that only herbivorous animals would be aboard the satellite-planet.


In such a case of having a satellite planet, roads are not just at the base, but all through the planet, with automatic steering, so that the passenger just tells the cab-driver, the destination, and the cab-driver selects the destination, and then the cab finds it’s own way via routing-algorithms, and taking cognizance of traffic lights etc.
like the multi-level roads seen in the movie “The fifth element”.

So those roads weren’t on earth, they were in a satellite-planet.



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