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2018-07-24-11-54-IST - Peace to Africa
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So there was this land that was discovered.

People who came to this land apparently brought in a large workforce from Africa to work the cotton fields.

So Africa was missing some of its people.

The hypothesis is that if some of the African people go back to their own land, then they will be able to bring peace to a troubled land.

They were taken from Africa without consent, and brought in ships to America. Surely America can
...would be more than willing...

pay for them to be brought back to Africa – just those who are willing to go to nice, warm, sunny Africa.

Some of course are meant to be in America.

It is said that people "subdue, have dominion and replenish" (From Genesis 1) their own land. Some people were forcibly taken from Africa. If they are #returned to their own land, it might bring peace. Some of course are meant to be in the other land. http://annsimjs.blogspot.com/2018/07/2018-07-13-09-32-ist-peace-to-africa.html


So desert sand mixed with dung-manure could replace that tainted mud in those lands that attract rainfall.

What to do in Africa = sell

the clean desert-sand without pesticides, insecticides or an overload of chemical-fertilizers

rain attracting areas of the world, to have a chance to have good clean fruit-of-the-land.

More at URL - http://annsianl.blogspot.com/2018/03/2018-03-17-14-27-ist.html (this is also read out here, and from it another link is followed and read out here).

I guess that those who deal with the African situation for peace could be of African origin.

They would understand the people of Africa and their issues.

But at the same time, having someone else could bring something else to the table, since it is seen that maybe it is time for them to take care of the deserts of Africa.

But at the same time, desert sand is a precious resource nowadays since some of the land under cultivation in different parts of the world have been tainted by insecticides, pesticides and overdosed chemical-fertilizer.

This could lead to better health for all who consume the fruits of that agricultural land.

More about getting clean-desert-sand to the agricultural areas at URL - http://annsianl.blogspot.com/2018/03/2018-03-17-14-27-ist.html .




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