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2018-07-23-14-07-IST - Back to Africa
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So there is this situation in the US, where the black-people are somewhat sensitized about their race.

It’s like the case where the descendants of Jacob were in Egypt for many hundreds of years, waiting for the time when Abram’s Promised Land would be free.
However, one should realize that Jacob was the son of Isaac, who was the only child of Abram and Sarai, born after many decades of not-having-a-child, and Isaac was finally born as an Act of God, since Sarai was supposed to have children, and the descendants were very necessary
…as are all people…
for their land.

I believe that that king that had seen Sarai and taken her into his palace, was actually the man whose wife she should have been. However, Sarai seemed not to like that situation, and the wombs in that king’s household were closed because of her. Such was the influence Sarai had in that king’s household. But Sarai, for some reason, was not convinced, apparently, and she made out with Abram, which act the king saw, and he realized that Sarai and Abram were actually married, and the king honourably sent her back to Abram with a large amount of money to show that he was respectful of that.

Then, when the time for Abraham’s promised land was, for Abraham’s descendants to “subdue, have dominion and replenish”, then the descendants of Abraham were supposed to go there and do the needful.

However, Sarai’s descendants were needed in that King’s land, which I believe was Egypt, where Jacobs descendants had lived for about 3 – 4 hundred years.

So those with Sarai’s dominant genes were supposed to stay in Egypt, “subdue, have dominion, and replenish it”, while those with Abraham’s dominant genes were supposed to travel to Abraham’s Promised Land.

However, those with Abraham’s dominant genes did not go forth, and finally Moses was born to lead them out.

He was saved during the purge – the culling of the babies of the people of Jacob – when at least the people with Abraham’s dominant genes should have left for their Promised Land – “a land flowing with milk and honey’, but they still didn’t.

And finally, when Moses, when he was grown up, tried to defend a fellow Hebrew from an Egyptian, and he slew the Egyptian, and so had to flee – because he was born, not to defend the people to stay in that land, but to get them out to their Promised Land, which had a great, desperate need of them to “subdue, have dominion and replenish” it.

And 40 years later, when Moses was once again sent, instead of telling Pharaoh that he would relieve him of those people that Pharaoh was trying to get rid of, he commanded Pharaoh to “let the people go”.

Actually, it was supposed to be Aaron who should have been spokesperson of God to the Pharaoh, and Moses was supposed to stand before God, and “be like God to Aaron”. But Moses, having been brought up in the palace, and trained there, earlier, somehow ended up speaking to Pharaoh.

And Moses’ approach did not work, since Pharaoh’s heart was made hard against them, and Pharaoh could not let the people go.

And so Moses, instead of just showing signs to Pharaoh, actually brought down plagues, one after the other, and finally, it was Pharaoh who told Moses finally that the people should go.

And Moses took all of the people, even those with Sarah’s dominant genes, and left Egypt bereft of Sarai’s-dominant-genes people.

For which reason, after they had all left, Pharaoh and his army came out to try and get their
…the ones with Sarai’s dominant genes…
people back, but couldn’t, and they perished in that attempt.

And then instead of taking the people the shortest way to the Promised Land, because Moses thought that if the people saw war, they would turn back
…so Moses did know that some people were supposed to turn back, and he was very sensitive to that feeling, but he tried to prevent them from turning back…
, he took them a round-about way, a way through the wilderness. And even there, some of the people remembered the goodness of Egypt to them – the leeks and the cucumbers that they used to eat, and their heart yearned after that land for which they had been born, and they probably should have gone back, but then, they didn’t.

But the people with Sarai’s dominant genes were not to go to Abraham’s Promised Land, and so the entire congregation had to wait 40 years in the wilderness, till they died out.

So, the people with Sarai’s dominant genes were needed in Egypt, which was left bereft of them, because she didn’t stay with the king
…I think, that maybe that king was the king of Egypt, or a king whose progeny would marry the king of Egypt, but somehow people with Sarai’s genes were necessary in Egypt, to “subdue, have dominion and replenish” it.
when he had taken her into his palace


And so are the descendants of the slaves that were brought to America by the slave traders.

They are needed in Africa, which was bereft of them, and which languished without them.

And they face some degree of racial-discrimination in the other land where they were brought as slaves.

And so, to solve the problem of racial-discrimination

of the African-origin people in America, I humbly suggest that those willing, of the people of African-origin in America be repatriated back to Africa where they are definitely needed, almost bordering on desperation.

For the reason is that in lands with sunny climate, one needs skin-tone with a lot of melanin in it to cope with the sun. And lots of melanin means that the skin is dark.

Hence, any sun-coping dark-skinned people will be able to cope with the sun in sunny Africa, and indeed, even appreciate the warmth
that the sun in other climate-zones does not have


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