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2018-07-18-10-37-IST - Equals are not the same
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It is true that there is a sense of equality.

However, to be equal is not the same as to be the same.

Some are equal, but not the same as the other.

There is this categorization.

In taxonomy, there is the kingdom of plant or animal, and then classes and families and orders, in some order, and finally there is the genus and then the species and sometimes the sub-species. Each has its own valuation and features.

And then there is the male and the female. According to the Biblical Moses, there are categories for valuation of people to pay the temple tax.

• All males from ages 0 to 5 are worth something,
• All males from ages 5 to 20 are worth something else
• All males from ages 20 to 60 are worth something else
• All males above the age of 60 are worth something else.

And similarly for females, where each in a particular age group is worth the same as any other female in that age group.

However, as has been proved with DNA-typing, each person is individual. i.e. the net worth of a person is the same as any other person, but the package that is them is different and unique to them.

One may be good at something, for which the one was created, but might be a total misfit at something else that another may be good at.


It’s like saying that the most successful person is worth the same as the most unsuccessful person, but the difference is that the most-successful-person succeeded in doing something that they are good at, and the most-unsuccessful-person is trying-hard at something they are not good at.

Or maybe, one ate properly
• complete grains,
• complete grams
• fruits
• vegetables
• nuts and oilseeds
• spices
• salts
• water
and the other ate partial foods, and so was oblivious to what they were supposed to be doing.

So, I suppose that what one is saying is that if one eats properly of complete-whole-foods, then all the molecules of the complete-foods enters the system, and is absorbed by the cells, and it hypothetically is the trigger that causes the higher and lower and all the functionalities of DNA to trigger, causing success at every stage.


All who are equal are not the same. They are different, and yet equal. The net worth is the same for equals, but the components of the package differ. It's just a case of eating right and being who God made one to be, and collecting good things like a bee http://annsimjs.blogspot.com/2018/07/2018-07-18-09-45-ist-equal-but-not-same.html …

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