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2018-07-11-15-13-IST - On World Population Day 2018
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So there were children born, and populations grew.

Once upon a time, there was Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden. They were told to “subdue the earth, have dominion over it and replenish it. Be fruitful and multiply”.

However, it appears that after their time in the Garden of Eden was done and they had learned how to take care of a garden, they tarried in the Garden of Eden, without going out to the entire earth.

This ended up in a spokes-creature
…like a spokesperson, but a creature, so a “spokes-creature”…
trying to help them to become more responsible, by suggesting that if they ate something they had not eaten before, like the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, they might become more like God, who was their creator, and in whose image they had been made. And thus, they spokes-creature assumed, become more responsible in doing the mandate they had been entrusted with.

Well, the spokes-creature spoke out of ignorance. We don’t know why Eve and Adam tarried in the Garden.

But it ultimately led to judgment.

Now, many thousands of years after, the mandate to “be fruitful and multiply” is being done. And the mandate of “subdue the earth, have dominion over and replenish it”, has been done. The earth is full of people.

And so, the next mandate is given.

Just as Eve and Adam were supposed to move out of the Garden of Eden to the earth, even so, humans are now supposed to move out of Earth, to the next circle of responsibility, which, perhaps, is the solar system.

Just as single-celled protozoa were, once upon a time, and then multi-celled organisms in the waters, breathing water, and then on land breathing air, and then flying in the air, so also, all organisms are “evolving”.

The organisms which adapt to prevalent conditions survive.

The information coded in our DNA causes us to evolve, a little at a time.

This DNA, just like computer code,
…computer code is compiled into run code, which is a series of ‘0’s and ‘1’s.

DNA is organic run-code which are a series of ‘A’, ‘C’, ‘T’ and ‘G’ tags…
needs inputs to trigger functions-of-the-DNA.

The inputs are ingested in the form of food.

Food has all the molecules necessary to trigger our DNA-functions.

It’s like God made humans, and he had told them to eat of “the herbs with seed, the shrubs with seed, and the trees with fruit with seed in it”, which mandate might have now been expanded to all flora, if one is able to consider it edible.

So the inputs to humans is food, water and air. And that triggers the DNA-functionality.

If you wonder what is new about this, it is just that it has been decades since complete-foods were consumed.

Complete foods, for example, complete-grains, have the bran and the germ
…the bran is the source of many Vitamin B-s.

There are many more un-named molecules in the bran and they are the unsung heroes of good health.

Just because a molecule isn’t named doesn’t mean it’s not important.

And the number of molecules lost during “polishing” of grain can be avoided by just cooking whole-complete-grains in water, WITHOUT polishing.

also on the grain. And these bran and germ have valuable molecules that can trigger our DNA, if we eat the complete-grain.


And so, if and as we eat complete-foods, we become who we are, and perceive good things to get, and in getting them, we fulfill our destiny, and all the people on the planet will start gravitating toward the land they were made for, and without whom, the land languishes and mourns.

The climate and atmosphere of other planets may not be suitable for mankind in it’s before-complete-foods-consumption.

I’m quite sure that if people once again ate complete foods, they would become who they are and levitate off of this Earth, and gravitate toward the planet they were made for.

Let’s not delay. Our land and it’s flora and fauna is mourning and languishing without us to “subdue our land, have dominion over it and replenish it”.

Let’s wholeheartedly eat whole-complete-foods, have our DNA triggered, and then levitate and gravitate toward our land that needs us, and for whom we were made.


There is a star and it’s planets for every person ever.

We need to go there.

And then we might see that population is a good thing if they can reach their responsibility, which is their star or planet.

Everyone was made for a star and planet.

Let every person be born. They are needed.


Happy “World population day”. #WorldPopulationDay


#WorldPopulationDay #WorldPopulationDay2018 - #AdamAndEve in the #GardenOfEden spread into the #Earth. Now we should spread to the #nextLevelOfResponsibility by triggering our #DNA, by eating #wholeFoods #completeFoods. e.g. #wholeGrains with the #bran - http://annsbb.blogspot.com/2018/07/2018-07-11-14-29-ist-on-world.html

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