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  • 2018-08-24-16-38-IST - Rebuilding Kerala So there are these rains in Kerala. Torrential rains. Dams have been opened to let off water. It hasn’t rained like this since about 1924. Now it is 2018-08-17. ( Now it is more than the torrential rains of 1924. 2018-08-24-16-32-IST ) Mud from hills just flowing in the water and depositing on the land. So : 1. A fresh layer of soil is exposed on the hills. 2. A fresh layer of soil is deposited on the land. Hence, It appears that God’s own country ( …Kerala is called God’s own country… ) has got a second chance at agriculture. I hope they will in future use only organic manure ( …from cattle etc… ) and have a beehive at the center of each field so that pollination occurs and there is a good harvest. By using only organic manure, plants will be healthy and they will be fruitful. No need for anything else. Simplifies life. Provides income from dung. Nothing gets wasted. Further reading about judgment against using pesticides and insecticides at URL – ( Please see below for the pertinent point - "The fields are now ready to be planted with organic-original-code-plants and trees. 2018-08-17-18-04-IST ) 2018-08-17-17-41-IST &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& & #KeralaFloods #KeralaFloods2018 - Trying to find the silver lining amongst the rain clouds - Kerala now has a new surface of land - the hills have a below surface, and the land has an above surface. Only #organicManure from now on, and #originalDNA plant & &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ( In addition, people have been suffering from various degrees of disease ( …dis-ease… ) due to ingestion of fruits and vegetables and food contaminated with insecticides and pesticides. So, once only original-DNA plants are grown, and only organic manure is used for crops, ( …with a beehive at the center of each field so that pollination occurs and there is a good harvest… ) then the health of people will also improve. 2018-08-18-11-09-IST ) REBUILDING KERALA: 3 Roads: 3 Buildings 4 Use of flooded areas: 4 Appendix A 5 Rebuilding Kerala: #KeralaFloods #KeralaFloods2018 Roads: The roads need to be laid again. Town planning can be utilized to plan out town roads. Plastic can be collected at Rs. 200 / kg. and incorporated into the roads to add durability and stability to the road. ( Ref. : the method of road-laying as set forth in the ©CIPS document found on the internet – URL – ( Please see Appendix A also. 2018-09-27-09-27-IST ) 2018-08-24-16-30-IST ) Also, plastic will be OFF the road, and IN the road. So the area will be plastic-clean. Buildings Now that we know the paths of the water from the dams, we can build on the lands that are not in the path. Tallest buildings in the world can be built, to minimize ( …minimum land area used so that after decades, more tall buildings can be built to accommodate the population… 2018-08-24-16-28-IST ) the land area used and maximize the occupancy. ( For tall buildings, there could be exit-staircases, as well as exit-chutes to quickly exit the building in case of need. ) Use of flooded areas: All the land that was flooded becomes agricultural land. ( This is so that if there is another flood, the maximum that is lost is one crop, while getting nutrient-rich mud from the flood. ) 2018-08-24-16-26-IST ( Second chance at agriculture : Assumption: Lands that attract rainfall, called “wet lands”, should be kept exclusively for agriculture, to produce food etc. for the teeming millions of people living near that land, and those living in desert like conditions. 2018-09-27-09-31-IST Original-DNA plants, which are unmodified will be the natural best crop. Organic manure is the natural best manure. Beehives at the centers of each field and orchard etc., is the best way of increasing the pollination of flowers leading to more development of flowers into fruits. Thus, it is the best natural way of increasing the harvests. 2018-09-27-09-34-IST ) Appendix A - some matter from the - Please visit the URL for the executive summary et al.. 2018-09-27-09-26-IST
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  • 2018-08-10-11-52-IST - Of sausages and spam So there is the wonderful sausage. People wonder what goes into the sausage or burger patty. It is minced meat. Meat minced because it is tough old meat. Tough old meat obtained from cattle, sheep, goats, deer, roebuck, hart, gazelle, antelope, reindeer etc. that have lived their life and then passed on, leaving the carcass behind. (Old Dead Healthy – Tough Minced meat – ODH-TM meat). Because the animal is old, the meat will be tough, but if the animal ate well through it’s life, the meat will be full of nutrients. ( …I think it’s something like wood. A tree as a sapling has a certain texture of wood. As it matures, the wood gets better. If we let it grow as long as possible, and then have a waiting time of about 10 months or so, to prove that the tree is no longer growing, the lumber would be of the best quality. ) So also, if an edible animal eats well during it’s lifetime, then when it passes on, the carcass will be of optimal quality. But a little tough, I suppose. So the tough meat is minced and made into sausage, burger patties, luncheon meat, bologna etc… Even spam. Bon appetite!! 2018-08-10-11-51-IST
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  • 2018-08-10-11-32-IST - Satellite planets So there is this satellite-planet, constructed completely by mankind. It is in orbit around the earth or stationary in orbit above the earth. Building materials are sourced from the Earth or from other planets, and the 3-D printing of components happens in space, and the components are joined together to form the satellite-planet. Since gravity is absent at the satellite-planet, the tallest, widest possible construction can be done. So if a satellite-planet stays stationary above the earth, then there could be radii drawn from the center of the earth, passing through the surface and reaching the satellite-planet. So it would be like an exo-surface around the earth, high above the ground, in space. For living purposes, food and water are necessary. If all cleaning and cleansing agents are bio-degradable, then all the used-water from the kitchens and toilets can be poured over sand, and filtered down a few metres, to get clean water, as well as to filter out all the organic particles into the sand, which could possibly be then used for agricultural purposes. The filtered water could go through tubes exposed ( …or the sun’s rays could be focused via concave or convex lenses ( …concave lenses or convex mirrors… 2018-08-10-11-39-IST ) on the tubes, for maximum heat transfer to the water, to quickly bring the water to a boil… ) to the sun’s rays, and the water could boil, issue out as steam, to run a steam-turbine ( …the steam pushes magnets to move in the presence of stationary electric coils, and then electricity is induced in those coils, which can then be collected in a battery, for later use…. ) , and then condense into pure H2O water, which is good for drinking purposes. All the organic particulate matter would have been trapped in the sand-filter, and so all the minerals and salts necessary for growing plants would also be added, and then the minerals and salts will be found in the plants, which then are good sources of food for the humans and animals on the satellite-planet. Food is prepared from the agricultural produce of the satellite-planet. The peelings and leftovers are fed to the animals. When the animals have eaten and lived their life, and finally die, as was the case with all living creatures, then once the life departs, if the animal is edible, then it is processed to get Old Dead Healthy Tough Minced (ODH-TM) meat ( …more about ODH-TM meat at URL - ) and that becomes a food for the humans. I suppose that only herbivorous animals would be aboard the satellite-planet. 2018-08-10-11-26-IST In such a case of having a satellite planet, roads are not just at the base, but all through the planet, with automatic steering, so that the passenger just tells the cab-driver, the destination, and the cab-driver selects the destination, and then the cab finds it’s own way via routing-algorithms, and taking cognizance of traffic lights etc. ( like the multi-level roads seen in the movie “The fifth element”. So those roads weren’t on earth, they were in a satellite-planet. ) 2018-08-10-11-31-IST
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  • 2018-08-10-09-20-IST - Food factories producing complete foo And when we consider food, we need to prepare good, wholesome complete foods, with all the bran and germ along with the carbohydrate part. Even cheese-curls, if the flour used is complete-grain flour, can be a healthy food source. So most of the factory made foods can be tweaked a bit by using complete-grain flour. The methodology and the equipment to manufacture the food can probably stay the same - just a change in the ingredients – to use only complete-grain flours. This might need an updation in the amount of baking-powder or baking-soda, or even the liquid measurements, since complete-grains need about 3 – 4 times the liquid, instead of just 2 times. And voila, just like that, the food-factories which currently don’t, can start to churn out complete-foods that are a joy to eat, and a delight to feel-good after eating it. 2018-08-10-09-19-IST
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  • 2018-08-09-15-17-IST - The flight option of the fight-or-fli It looks like the NRC – National Registry of Citizens of India is leaving out a lot of people, calling them aliens because they do not have proper documentation. It seems a little similar to the people of Jacob when they were in Egypt, and overstayed their time there, instead of heading out to their Promised Land. Anytime there is conflict, there is hypothetically, the “fight or flight” option. It appears that conflict is a knock-on-the-door of someone saying that someone is not where they’re supposed to be, and are getting in the way of someone. As long as one can stay peacefully in a place, one should. But when it gets difficult, it is a call of nature - to go some place where they can be at rest. After all, there are many lands on this planet, and now that most of it is full, it is time to look at our next stage of responsibility, which perhaps, hypothetically, is the solar system. And with the discovery of water under the surface of Mars, and possible 3-D printed homes on the agenda for people to stay on Mars, it appears that the time is right for colonization of the planet. Possibly, in the beginning, food and resources for living on Mars could be sourced from the Earth, but there would have to be some way of sustainable agriculture on said planet also. We hear of tonnes of food rotting in the warehouses due to some reason – maybe it was supposed to have been transported to Mars to feed populations there. 2018-08-09-15-16-IST
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  • 2018-07-24-11-54-IST - Peace to Africa So there was this land that was discovered. People who came to this land apparently brought in a large workforce from Africa to work the cotton fields. So Africa was missing some of its people. The hypothesis is that if some of the African people go back to their own land, then they will be able to bring peace to a troubled land. They were taken from Africa without consent, and brought in ships to America. Surely America can ( ...would be more than willing... 2018-07-24-11-31-IST ) pay for them to be brought back to Africa – just those who are willing to go to nice, warm, sunny Africa. Some of course are meant to be in America. 2018-07-13-09-32-IST &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& & It is said that people "subdue, have dominion and replenish" (From Genesis 1) their own land. Some people were forcibly taken from Africa. If they are #returned to their own land, it might bring peace. Some of course are meant to be in the other land. 2018-07-13-09-48-IST & &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& So desert sand mixed with dung-manure could replace that tainted mud in those lands that attract rainfall. ( What to do in Africa = sell the clean desert-sand without pesticides, insecticides or an overload of chemical-fertilizers to rain attracting areas of the world, to have a chance to have good clean fruit-of-the-land. More at URL - (this is also read out here, and from it another link is followed and read out here). ) I guess that those who deal with the African situation for peace could be of African origin. They would understand the people of Africa and their issues. But at the same time, having someone else could bring something else to the table, since it is seen that maybe it is time for them to take care of the deserts of Africa. But at the same time, desert sand is a precious resource nowadays since some of the land under cultivation in different parts of the world have been tainted by insecticides, pesticides and overdosed chemical-fertilizer. This could lead to better health for all who consume the fruits of that agricultural land. More about getting clean-desert-sand to the agricultural areas at URL - . 2018-07-13-09-55-IST #OperationDesertSand. 2018-07-13-10-01-IST
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  • 2018-07-23-14-07-IST - Back to Africa So there is this situation in the US, where the black-people are somewhat sensitized about their race. It’s like the case where the descendants of Jacob were in Egypt for many hundreds of years, waiting for the time when Abram’s Promised Land would be free. ( However, one should realize that Jacob was the son of Isaac, who was the only child of Abram and Sarai, born after many decades of not-having-a-child, and Isaac was finally born as an Act of God, since Sarai was supposed to have children, and the descendants were very necessary ( …as are all people… ) for their land. I believe that that king that had seen Sarai and taken her into his palace, was actually the man whose wife she should have been. However, Sarai seemed not to like that situation, and the wombs in that king’s household were closed because of her. Such was the influence Sarai had in that king’s household. But Sarai, for some reason, was not convinced, apparently, and she made out with Abram, which act the king saw, and he realized that Sarai and Abram were actually married, and the king honourably sent her back to Abram with a large amount of money to show that he was respectful of that. Then, when the time for Abraham’s promised land was, for Abraham’s descendants to “subdue, have dominion and replenish”, then the descendants of Abraham were supposed to go there and do the needful. However, Sarai’s descendants were needed in that King’s land, which I believe was Egypt, where Jacobs descendants had lived for about 3 – 4 hundred years. So those with Sarai’s dominant genes were supposed to stay in Egypt, “subdue, have dominion, and replenish it”, while those with Abraham’s dominant genes were supposed to travel to Abraham’s Promised Land. However, those with Abraham’s dominant genes did not go forth, and finally Moses was born to lead them out. He was saved during the purge – the culling of the babies of the people of Jacob – when at least the people with Abraham’s dominant genes should have left for their Promised Land – “a land flowing with milk and honey’, but they still didn’t. And finally, when Moses, when he was grown up, tried to defend a fellow Hebrew from an Egyptian, and he slew the Egyptian, and so had to flee – because he was born, not to defend the people to stay in that land, but to get them out to their Promised Land, which had a great, desperate need of them to “subdue, have dominion and replenish” it. And 40 years later, when Moses was once again sent, instead of telling Pharaoh that he would relieve him of those people that Pharaoh was trying to get rid of, he commanded Pharaoh to “let the people go”. Actually, it was supposed to be Aaron who should have been spokesperson of God to the Pharaoh, and Moses was supposed to stand before God, and “be like God to Aaron”. But Moses, having been brought up in the palace, and trained there, earlier, somehow ended up speaking to Pharaoh. And Moses’ approach did not work, since Pharaoh’s heart was made hard against them, and Pharaoh could not let the people go. And so Moses, instead of just showing signs to Pharaoh, actually brought down plagues, one after the other, and finally, it was Pharaoh who told Moses finally that the people should go. And Moses took all of the people, even those with Sarah’s dominant genes, and left Egypt bereft of Sarai’s-dominant-genes people. For which reason, after they had all left, Pharaoh and his army came out to try and get their ( …the ones with Sarai’s dominant genes… ) people back, but couldn’t, and they perished in that attempt. And then instead of taking the people the shortest way to the Promised Land, because Moses thought that if the people saw war, they would turn back ( …so Moses did know that some people were supposed to turn back, and he was very sensitive to that feeling, but he tried to prevent them from turning back… ) , he took them a round-about way, a way through the wilderness. And even there, some of the people remembered the goodness of Egypt to them – the leeks and the cucumbers that they used to eat, and their heart yearned after that land for which they had been born, and they probably should have gone back, but then, they didn’t. But the people with Sarai’s dominant genes were not to go to Abraham’s Promised Land, and so the entire congregation had to wait 40 years in the wilderness, till they died out. So, the people with Sarai’s dominant genes were needed in Egypt, which was left bereft of them, because she didn’t stay with the king ( …I think, that maybe that king was the king of Egypt, or a king whose progeny would marry the king of Egypt, but somehow people with Sarai’s genes were necessary in Egypt, to “subdue, have dominion and replenish” it. ) when he had taken her into his palace ) And so are the descendants of the slaves that were brought to America by the slave traders. They are needed in Africa, which was bereft of them, and which languished without them. And they face some degree of racial-discrimination in the other land where they were brought as slaves. And so, to solve the problem of racial-discrimination ( ) of the African-origin people in America, I humbly suggest that those willing, of the people of African-origin in America be repatriated back to Africa where they are definitely needed, almost bordering on desperation. For the reason is that in lands with sunny climate, one needs skin-tone with a lot of melanin in it to cope with the sun. And lots of melanin means that the skin is dark. Hence, any sun-coping dark-skinned people will be able to cope with the sun in sunny Africa, and indeed, even appreciate the warmth ( that the sun in other climate-zones does not have ) . 2018-07-23-14-36-IST
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  • 2018-07-18-10-37-IST - Equals are not the same Ref.: It is true that there is a sense of equality. However, to be equal is not the same as to be the same. Some are equal, but not the same as the other. There is this categorization. In taxonomy, there is the kingdom of plant or animal, and then classes and families and orders, in some order, and finally there is the genus and then the species and sometimes the sub-species. Each has its own valuation and features. And then there is the male and the female. According to the Biblical Moses, there are categories for valuation of people to pay the temple tax. “ • All males from ages 0 to 5 are worth something, • All males from ages 5 to 20 are worth something else • All males from ages 20 to 60 are worth something else • All males above the age of 60 are worth something else. “ And similarly for females, where each in a particular age group is worth the same as any other female in that age group. However, as has been proved with DNA-typing, each person is individual. i.e. the net worth of a person is the same as any other person, but the package that is them is different and unique to them. One may be good at something, for which the one was created, but might be a total misfit at something else that another may be good at. 2018-07-18-09-45-IST It’s like saying that the most successful person is worth the same as the most unsuccessful person, but the difference is that the most-successful-person succeeded in doing something that they are good at, and the most-unsuccessful-person is trying-hard at something they are not good at. Or maybe, one ate properly ( • complete grains, • complete grams • fruits • vegetables • nuts and oilseeds • spices • salts • water ) and the other ate partial foods, and so was oblivious to what they were supposed to be doing. So, I suppose that what one is saying is that if one eats properly of complete-whole-foods, then all the molecules of the complete-foods enters the system, and is absorbed by the cells, and it hypothetically is the trigger that causes the higher and lower and all the functionalities of DNA to trigger, causing success at every stage. 2018-07-18-09-52-IST s All who are equal are not the same. They are different, and yet equal. The net worth is the same for equals, but the components of the package differ. It's just a case of eating right and being who God made one to be, and collecting good things like a bee …
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  • 2017-06-09-08-42-IST Esau and Jacob: Of birthrights and blessings... A coveted birthright of someone else turns into a curse to the coveter. We each have a destiny. We don't need to covet anyone else's anything. P. S. - The audio file I uploaded never showed up here. Some other Hindi song, I think it is a film-song, is playing at this location.
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  • 2018-07-11-15-13-IST - On World Population Day 2018 So there were children born, and populations grew. Once upon a time, there was Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden. They were told to “subdue the earth, have dominion over it and replenish it. Be fruitful and multiply”. However, it appears that after their time in the Garden of Eden was done and they had learned how to take care of a garden, they tarried in the Garden of Eden, without going out to the entire earth. This ended up in a spokes-creature ( …like a spokesperson, but a creature, so a “spokes-creature”… ) trying to help them to become more responsible, by suggesting that if they ate something they had not eaten before, like the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, they might become more like God, who was their creator, and in whose image they had been made. And thus, they spokes-creature assumed, become more responsible in doing the mandate they had been entrusted with. Well, the spokes-creature spoke out of ignorance. We don’t know why Eve and Adam tarried in the Garden. But it ultimately led to judgment. Now, many thousands of years after, the mandate to “be fruitful and multiply” is being done. And the mandate of “subdue the earth, have dominion over and replenish it”, has been done. The earth is full of people. And so, the next mandate is given. Just as Eve and Adam were supposed to move out of the Garden of Eden to the earth, even so, humans are now supposed to move out of Earth, to the next circle of responsibility, which, perhaps, is the solar system. Just as single-celled protozoa were, once upon a time, and then multi-celled organisms in the waters, breathing water, and then on land breathing air, and then flying in the air, so also, all organisms are “evolving”. The organisms which adapt to prevalent conditions survive. The information coded in our DNA causes us to evolve, a little at a time. This DNA, just like computer code, ( …computer code is compiled into run code, which is a series of ‘0’s and ‘1’s. DNA is organic run-code which are a series of ‘A’, ‘C’, ‘T’ and ‘G’ tags… ) needs inputs to trigger functions-of-the-DNA. The inputs are ingested in the form of food. Food has all the molecules necessary to trigger our DNA-functions. It’s like God made humans, and he had told them to eat of “the herbs with seed, the shrubs with seed, and the trees with fruit with seed in it”, which mandate might have now been expanded to all flora, if one is able to consider it edible. So the inputs to humans is food, water and air. And that triggers the DNA-functionality. If you wonder what is new about this, it is just that it has been decades since complete-foods were consumed. Complete foods, for example, complete-grains, have the bran and the germ ( …the bran is the source of many Vitamin B-s. There are many more un-named molecules in the bran and they are the unsung heroes of good health. Just because a molecule isn’t named doesn’t mean it’s not important. And the number of molecules lost during “polishing” of grain can be avoided by just cooking whole-complete-grains in water, WITHOUT polishing. ) also on the grain. And these bran and germ have valuable molecules that can trigger our DNA, if we eat the complete-grain. 2018-07-11-14-29-IST And so, if and as we eat complete-foods, we become who we are, and perceive good things to get, and in getting them, we fulfill our destiny, and all the people on the planet will start gravitating toward the land they were made for, and without whom, the land languishes and mourns. The climate and atmosphere of other planets may not be suitable for mankind in it’s before-complete-foods-consumption. I’m quite sure that if people once again ate complete foods, they would become who they are and levitate off of this Earth, and gravitate toward the planet they were made for. Let’s not delay. Our land and it’s flora and fauna is mourning and languishing without us to “subdue our land, have dominion over it and replenish it”. Let’s wholeheartedly eat whole-complete-foods, have our DNA triggered, and then levitate and gravitate toward our land that needs us, and for whom we were made. 2018-07-11-14-34-IST There is a star and it’s planets for every person ever. We need to go there. And then we might see that population is a good thing if they can reach their responsibility, which is their star or planet. Everyone was made for a star and planet. Let every person be born. They are needed. 2018-07-11-14-36-IST Happy “World population day”. #WorldPopulationDay 2018-07-11-14-43-IST &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& & #WorldPopulationDay #WorldPopulationDay2018 - #AdamAndEve in the #GardenOfEden spread into the #Earth. Now we should spread to the #nextLevelOfResponsibility by triggering our #DNA, by eating #wholeFoods #completeFoods. e.g. #wholeGrains with the #bran - 2018-07-11-14-54-IST & &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
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