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  • 2017-06-08-05-18-IST Ms. Ann Abraham talking.
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  • 2018-06-17-13-28-IST - "Here in my heart" ft. "Bohemian Rhap "Here in my heart" featuring "Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen".
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  • 2018-06-14-14-00-IST Singing and playing the electric guitar.
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  • 2018-06-12-13-25-IST Singing and playing the acoustic guitar. GarageBand software for effects.
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  • 2018-06-12-11-06-IST - Thinking about nuclear disarmament WE have the incredible opportunity, having focused on Nuclear-disarmament during the #TrumpKimSummit, of spending some time thinking about Nuclear issues. The world debates on what Nuclear-disarmament means, and how to achieve it. It means eschewing any nuclear-material that could cause conflagration of the land where it is on. For a nuclear disaster to happen, nuclear material combusts. So, to prevent nuclear disasters, we should be #nuclearMaterialFree. Being #nuclearMaterialFree is more than just not having any nuclear-bombs. Being #nuclearMaterialFree means that one should not have ANY nuclear-material anywhere in ones land. This includes any and all categories of nuclear-material. It seems to me that even without attacking a country, “peaceful” nuclear-power-plants have caused nuclear-disasters in the place where they are, without any enemy attack. Like Chernobyl and Fukushima. It is time to start working hard ( …and I mean, with gym equipment enhanced with #electricityDynamos … ) at getting electricity from sources other than nuclear power-plant sources. URL - . 2018-06-12-10-46-IST
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  • 2018-06-07-14-49-IST - Amazing Grace - cover Cover of "Amazing Grace" by Ms. Ann Abraham. : Copyright Information Text CopyrightPublic Domain Tune CopyrightPublic Domain Reprint/Projection Information Words and Music: The Words and Music are in the Public Domain; you do not need permission to project or reprint the Words and Music.
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  • 2018-06-04-14-32-IST - Non n electricity source - correcting 2018-06-04: So there was this country. And it had a ruler. Someone told him something, and someone else told him something too… The second something hint was like this: Even places with “peaceful” nuclear power-plants can cause nuclear-level catastrophe. So it’s better NOT to have EVEN a “PEACEFUL” nuclear-power-plant, because then it is just like keeping the n-bomb on one’s own territory, and if an enemy wished to attack, they could just send a “regular” bomb at the “peaceful nuclear-power-plant” site, and that would probably cause a nuclear-explosion at the “Peaceful nuclear power-plant”. SO, instead of being “sitting ducks”, let’s NOT have any EVEN “peaceful” nuclear power-plants, because we’re just making ourselves targets by our own hand. It is a strike against us to keep nuclear material on our land. Whether for peaceful PURPOSE or military, nuclear-material is dangerous. ( …there are probably equations to reduce / increase the number of electrons so that nuclear-material can be de-nuclear-ised, and become safe and stable. 2018-06-05-10-03-IST ) So, let us have power-plants from other sources. I propose : upgrading all willing gyms to having magnets placed on the top weight-bar ( …so that when the person pull a weight, and the top weight moves up and down, the magnets will also move up and down… ) , and bare-electric-coils ( …electric-material in the presence of relative-movement of magnets has electricity induced in them… ) in their vicinity, and then covering the whole thing with a magnetic-insulation ( …to insulate the human body from the magnets, since magnets do affect the human body… ) cover, so that the effect and force of the magnets are contained within the magnetic-insulation cover. Then, when someone uses the pulley-weights, the electricity is induced in the wires, and that flows out of the magnetic-insulation cover, to a battery, and then the power-grid for that locality. And there is a start-and-stop ID-process ( …like swiping an ID card of the person about to exercise at that gym-equipment… ) at each gym-equipment, so that the number-of-units ( …measured by a sensitive electric-meter on the way from the coil to the battery… 2018-06-04-14-17-IST ) of electricity produced are credited to that ID. 2018-06-04-14-14-IST So each grid could have its own set of gyms to power it up. And the people living in the purview of that grid could use that electricity, and the number of units they use could be debited from their ID, which was used to credit the number-of-units of electricity at the gym. If they cause more number-of-units to be made, then potentially they could sell the electricity, based on the cost-of-electricity that day. They could sell all the electricity they make too, if they wish, and then buy electricity off the grid. Depending on the cost of electricity etc.. 2018-06-04-14-21-IST Other sources of electricity have been listed at 2018-06-05-10-40-IST By me, Ms. Ann Abraham.
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  • 2017-07-02-15-40-IST (Ms.) Ann Abraham talking....
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  • 2017-07-02-12-10-IST Talking....
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  • 2016-06-07-11-01-IST - A cover of a bit of Moves-Like-Jagger A cover-version of a little-bit-of "Moves Like Jagger" performed by Maroon 5. This is Ann Abraham singing... As this is acknowledged as a cover-version, I own only my bit. The tune and stuff is not owned by me... There is even a category of "Music-Cover" on this website, so I understand that they allow cover-songs. So, with the understanding that they allow "Music-Cover", I own only those rights to this recording as are applicable to "cover songs"...
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