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Hi my name's Alex Wilson (aka Six Massive) and sometimes I make music, write lyrics, see bands etc. this is my place to stick that stuff so yeah peace x

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  • Chainsaw Polly
    Chainsaw Polly A short Horror-themed track I made that didn't quite fit with the EP I've been working on for the last year but is well-suited to a Halloween release!
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  • Annihilate the Angels (unmastered unfinished vocal demo)
    Annihilate the Angels (unmastered unfinished vocal demo) Just a short unfinished demo of a song I was working on a while a go uploaded for a friend. I don't often use raw vocals for technical reasons so this piece of crap is the best example i could find of me actually singing on a track.
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  • How We Do This
    How We Do This Another track I made in second year with some samples I liked, turn it uppppppp ALL DAY IS HOW WE DO THIS (<meaningless with mad grammar nice this could totally be a hit)
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  • Crisis
    Crisis Random track I made a while back whilst in second year and only just re-found and decided to upload... great description alex...
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  • Kirsty's 21st Birthday Song
    Kirsty's 21st Birthday Song HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D <3
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  • World Of Hurt (Instrumental|)
    World Of Hurt (Instrumental|) This was one of the first full rap/rock instrumentals I made when my laptop could just about handle one NI massive track hence the (synth in the verses...) If anyone stumbles upon this if you record some vocals to it and send em to me id be very appreciative...
    Alex.Wilson 00:03:19 279 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • 3MIX (ft. Britney Spears)
    3MIX (ft. Britney Spears) Well this is rediculousssss but yes this is a shoddy rock remix of the Britney Spears song 3... yep...
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  • Time To Go Back
    Time To Go Back This was created with the aim of making something that sounded spacey and cinematicish dunno if it is or not but this is where it ended up. TIME TO GO BAAAAAAAAACCKKKKKK
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  • Exiled
    Exiled This is a rock/d&b/trance song I made on a couple of sleepless nights at uni prize if you can guess what video games(s) the vocal sample is from... I don't even know...
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  • Eleven (Heavy Master).1
    Eleven (Heavy Master).1 Since my computer can't handle massive any more sad times my (producer name should probably just be six now...) I make sample based rockish electoish industrialish whateverish music so yeah Eleven is a short rap/rock instrumental that as always I had alot of fun making! :D
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