AirCab - Buffer
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Inspired while watching NBA streaming, then at the final seconds, the page just buffered and I missed the last play.


Do you move? Or do you stay here like forever?
Witness the sun and stars fight over something slower
Should I press? So we could start from here all over
Whether I would or try whatever, you wouldn't care
Is it fair that right there you just froze?
You would laugh and throw a circle toast
Of all possible times, it's now
And would you explain the randomness
If fate's a hoax then what is this?
Of all possible times, why now?!

Why did you stop when it's not over
Holding it up that minute quarter
You get nothing at all, you get nothing at all
Why did you stop that it's not over
Could you a hold a minute longer
You get nothing at all, you get nothing at all
Oh no, oh no...

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