Hum Hain Mata-e-koocha-o-bazaar-Cover Adina Galani.mp3
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As a woman, to admit You are regarded as an object in a market place, is a heart's scream which many of my time fellows living on happy islands will never agree to, because today, either one laughs, and everyone else laughs with, or one cries and cries alone. In a society where emotions have to be left aside or kept secret for fear they would be laughed at, immoral or taken for granted, where women have to behave loud and boyish to be recognized as equals, such a song will hardly be loved or listened to. Well, I approached it. I approached it because I am myself a woman, perhaps one of those who now after many years gained enough courage to cry publically or speak out love or hate with the risk of loosing the ones allergic to honesty, I too had my times when I hid my pains for fear society would consider me weak, I too am a woman who at least once in my life felt watched in that uncomfortable way when one feels like running away or slapping around, I too am a woman who loves and is not ashamed of admitting it no matter what or who is going to respect it, step on it or push it in the dust pin! This is a song which touched me deeply and which I sang forgiving and forgetting.....

Previously, there was a mix made by someone else which I have misplaced once changing my laptop together with so many other things and, as usually, Naqvi Sir has mixed this one for me, blessing my voice with his magic dedication formusic. Thank You Sir.
Track is a meragaana, which I actually got long ago from the esnips or how ever that was called.

I will, as usually, not mind a bit if this song may get less audience, less feedback, less of everything, it is a piece which not many can digest and I am fully aware. But I love it with a power I can not describe, I think if it was an object and my love for it a fire, I would have risked melting it.
Thank You

Movie:dastak 1970
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
MD: Madan Mohan

Licence : All Rights Reserved