ADHD Drugs - Side Effects
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ADHD Drugs and Their Devastating Side Effects

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With ADHD becoming a widely recognized mental ailment, a lot of research is being done. As a result, various forms of treatments and remedies are being formulated and a lot of ADHD drugs are being introduced. Sadly though, these drugs come with a host of side-effects. There is no doubt that the ADHD drugs help in reducing the symptoms and also help the children to improve their social skills. Watch this video to compare these advantages with the many disadvantages, and see for yourself how devastating the effects can be.

The four most common ADHD drugs are Strattera, Ritalin, Adderall and Concerta. All of these medicines have side effects, some of which are listed below:

Side effects of Adderall

1. Impatience
2. Trembling
3. Excessive worrying
4. Loss of sleep
5. Pain in back and front of the head
6. Bad breath and dryness of the mouth
7. Irritable bowel syndrome

· Side effects of Ritalin

1. Insomnia (this can be controlled by diminishing the dosage)
2. Skin eruptions
3. High body temperature
4. Eating disorders
5. Constant feeling of nausea
6. High pulse rate
7. Hypertension
8. Heart diseases (if used for a long time)
9. Drastic changes in body weight
10.Pain in the abdomen

· Side effects of Strattera

1. Diarrhea
2. Loss of appetite
3. Drowsiness
4. Queasiness
5. Fluctuations in mood

· Side effects of Concerta

1. Headache
2. Loss of appetite
3. Sleeping disorders

With so many harmful side-effects, the ADHD drugs cause a lot of damage to the child's body and immune system. So the dependency of such drugs should be controlled and curbed. However, that doesn't mean the child has to go without treatment. Fortunately, there are many alternative ADHD drugs which are natural, safe and free of side effects. Homeopathy offers a number of such drugs too.

So protect your child from the devastating side effects of ADHD drugs. It is never too late to shift to a healthy course of treatment. Doing this will not only cure the child, it will give them a chance to lead a healthy and happy life too.

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