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  • additive manufacturing The definition of Additive Manufacturing includes a variety of technologies, such as: lazer sintering, FDM, stereolithography, and many other. These technologies are utilized in an array of industries from the automotive, consumer electronics, and consumables sectors as well to be used for medical applications and by individual consumers. For several companies and individuals, as they try to engineer better products, they are turning to Additive Manufacturing for the benefits it offers over traditional techniques. http://www.3epd.com/services/additive-manufacturing/
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  • CNC Prototyping There is no doubt that CNC prototyping is suitable for both either it is plastic or metal parts. It can be used to hundreds of parts from one prototype. Here at 3E-PD we offer you ultimate CNC Prototyping services. We have team of experts who are able to perform their work perfectly. http://www.3epd.com/services/cnc-prototyping/
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  • Basics of Additive Manufacturing Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the right name to describe the technologies that build 3D IMAGES objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material, whether the materials is plastic or metallic. Common to AM solutions is the use of a computer, 3D building software machine. http://www.3epd.com/
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  • 3EPD Intro 3EPD is an injection molding and die casting company which is situated in china. Here we do provide lots of services additive manufacturing, CNC prototyping, rapid tooling, surface finishing and many more. For each and every department we have separate team of experts who are able to accomplish their work with perfection. http://www.3epd.com/
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  • ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING - 3EPD CHINA Surface Finishing is a process of altering the surface of the manufactured item to achieve a particular property. In 3E-PD our team of experts performs surface finishing improving the quality of the product like plating, polishing, anodizing, and coating, for the purpose of enhancing its appearance or functional properties. http://www.3epd.com/
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  • Choosing a Metal Finishing Process
    Choosing a Metal Finishing Process There are a few considerations that can help you narrow your choices in selecting a metal surface finishing services and techniques suitable for your project.www.3epd.com
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  • Types of Metal Surafce Finishing Services and Processes
    Types of Metal Surafce Finishing Services and Processes Metal surface finishing service is used to treat the exterior of a metal product by applying a thin complementary layer to its surface for finishing. There are numerous types of metal surface finishing services and processes. Processes that can be used for a variety of metal surface finsihing services. In this guide, we will review the major finishing methods, as well as applications and considerations for choosing a metal finishing process.http://www.3epd.com/
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