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  • TECHS FOR EXECS: Tools for Doubling Leadership Effectiveness The rate of change in the business world is accelerating exponentially. When Darwin observed that "It's not the strongest or most intelligent that survive, but those that adapt to a changing environment most quickly," few people could have appreciated how precisely this would describe the world of business … on a hyper-accelerated timescale. It was just Christmas Day in 1990 when MIT computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee connected two computers together, for the first time EVER using a protocol called HTTP and addresses beginning with "www." Look at what's happened to us since then. In this engaging and hands-on presentation, longtime CEO and Vistage Speaker of the Year Dave Nelsen shares with executives his personal tips and tricks for using technology effectively. Grab your iPads, smartphones, notebooks, or just the seat of your pants and learn how to take your performance to a whole new level. Key topics include: New brain science linking "executive function" with sleep and exercise Working the right priorities (and a lot less e-mail) using Things or Wunderlist Signing onto all of your accounts via LastPass Eliminating clutter while providing instant access to everything from everywhere with Evernote (an amazing app, it will become "your second brain") Countless other practical apps with clear, concise descriptions including TripIt, LogMeIn, FollowUpThen, DragonDictate, CardSnap, and even WinePicks Value to Members: Participants will leave with practical takeaways on how to: Improve memory, accelerate learning, and enhance mental stamina Retake control of their email inbox Select and apply a handful of new tools to save time and money, while getting more of the right things done Leading a business today while ignoring the latest personal productivity apps and technologies is like running a farm using an ox and plow. It can be done but it can't be fun.
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