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  • Analysing the Present Business Situation in Vietnam Vietnam's investor-friendly trade policies, along with its commendable business environment, greatly favor the country as an addition, if not an alternative, to China, as a promising sourcing destination.
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  • Importing From Vietnam- So Here Are The Tips A lot of other places were talked about, but Vietnam had risen above the others. So here is the podcast which can help you out to achieve the best while sourcing from vietnam.
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  • China sourcing company: Make Payment via Telegraphic Transfe An important aspect of China product sourcing is the payment. The most common method is the telegraphic or Wire Transfer; yet it is not absolutely risk-free. Here we explore how you can safely import products from China, without any hassles in paying your supplier. So for more information visit https://medium.com/@qaizengroup/how-to-make-payment-via-telegraphic-transfer-to-a-chinese-supplier-a3c8834ed2e0#.15gjsus6g.
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  • How to Deal with Your Chinese Supplier's Outsourced
    How to Deal with Your Chinese Supplier's Outsourced As more and more traders continue sourcing products from China, Chinese manufacturers are often under tremendous pressure to deliver huge quantities of goods in very little time. The idea is that, when you are importing goods from China, a clear policy must exist between you and your supplier, as to what are to be produced in-house, and what may be outsourced.
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  • Tips for Keeping Product Costs down While Importing First-Ti Being a newcomer in the business of importing products from China, most of the businessmen struggle with the limited resources, time and money. Seeking help from the good China sourcing company is not only a cost-effective deal but also saves you from lot of troubles that may occur due to less knowledge. So for more information visit https://qaizengroup.wordpress.com/2016/07/05/tips-for-keeping-product-costs-down-while-importing-first-time-from-china/.
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  • Advantages Of Sourcing Furniture From China In China, Shun De is a great place where you can find different types of furniture, city is also known as a manufacturing hub of furniture. Apart from this, other cities in China also offer a unique collection of furniture items, unique designs, fine crafting and cost-effective deals. Hence, Sourcing products from China is the main advantage.
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  • A Guide to Finding the 'Right' Products to Import from China There are no 'good' or 'bad' items for import. However, chances of success are greater when you deal with a niche, in which you have an expertise, as opposed to the mass market. So for more information visit
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  • 3 Reasons a Supplier Might Refuse Your Orders It is a good thing that importers are more cautious to choose suppliers while importing goods from China. So here are what experts says on what basis supplier might refuse your order. So get to know more about it at bit.ly/28IcFDZ.
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