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  • So Far Away-Anif
    So Far Away-Anif Hello everyone...I am Anif... i am a musician and a guiterist of my world, my sence,my life... This is my first track ever... Sorry for poor quality sound... But enjoy with headphone. Thankyou. Lyrics: When I look back, I see your shadow. Then its all behind, to get you up. When the sun rise, It reminds you. whatever you do, in everyday life. If I'm not here, but the pain is bigger. to feel it up again, dream is alive. If I can't turn around, I can listen to your voices. In my heart and eyes, and in imagination. when your mind blows, into my heart. Then it gives me aloot, pain to hear. When the sun-set, my tears fall down. By watching your face, in the sky. If I hurt you back, Its hurt by myself. Try to keep silence, the moment is alive. If I'm still fighting for, memories will be forgotten. My life lives on yours, then,now,forever.
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