All Of These Stars - Ed Sheeran (damak C…over)

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Tags: coversdamak

It's a quarter before 12 and what am I doing in your inbox? May ano sbg haw man? Hahaha. Pte ah. Abi mo nalipat ko ay. Asa eh. Well, well, well, look at us. We survived another month. If you notice, I'd just made you a really horrible version of "All of the stars". But hey, i tried. Hahaha. Anw. Why that song? Do you remember that time you walked me home? The view up the sky was amazing. Millions of sparkly dots were scattered on a blanket in deep blue tints. And it was absolutely breathtaking. Nag babye nta tapos galakat nako dsun gn tawag mo pako ya abi ko kn ma ano ka, ma hug kmlg gle hahaha. We stood there for a while (not to mention gn kagat mko sa butkon) and when we pulled away, but for a split second you looked. And then i realize, i see the night in your face (Literally. HAHA PTIJK) pru sryoso. I see the constellations in your eyes. (Ches panes) things may have changed a little bit pero I know our friendship will be as steady as the stars. Even though I may not see you all the time, I know you're always there. There's not much to say but thank you. For being the way you are in my life. Always know that you'll have me. You can tell me everything, whatever small or big thing, good or bad that happens in your life, even your thoughts. No matter how uninteresting it may seem to you, i'll always be interested. So yeah, this message is getting long and basi nakapoy kana basa so i'll end this on a nice note. The nightsky will always remind me of you tim. XD Happy 2nd friendsary!

P.s. miss u. hang out tayo when i get back

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