Metro Cinema started much like many of my other projects started. Out of desperation of finding a sound musical identity. I had been going through different projects that just weren't working out for me and I am somewhat of an impatient Artist so, I switched around with ideas quite a bit. Sometimes I'd quit Electronic Music and go back to Metal and Rock, but I always found myself right back here, creating original Pop music with a twist. I wanted something with a lot of soul, a lot dreaminess, a lot of blending original with popular elements so sometimes you'll hear a lot of "auto-tuned" vocals, but on other tracks you'll hear a regular vocal mix/master. I LOVE effects. I love messing around with vocal fx and trying new tweaks and such and that provides that independent sound. I've been writing and composing music for almost 13 years. I didn't start the digital world of music until 2007. I first started out writing music with a simple acoustic guitar and a notepad, and eventually started a band in the summer of 2006. We stayed a band for 2 years and finally disbanded in 2009. Since then, this has been my niche. I enjoy every second of it and I love sharing it with the world.

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  • Poetry
    Poetry Every once in awhile, I love to throw in a little rap game, but I still love to keep it all clever and reflective at best and keep my personal melodic element in view.
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  • The Good Fight
    The Good Fight Just...fight the good fight
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  • She’s Gone Songs about love, heartbreak, longing, suffering, but all in all, something to reflect on and learn from and grow from.
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  • From The Heart
    From The Heart Melodramatic in nature, love is key to most of my songs. Losing yourself in it, hurting within it, extending your heart beyond it's breaking points, beyond it's strength, testing it, everything....
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  • Calling Out
    Calling Out Calling Out is just about loneliness. Wanting and thirsting for that feeling of love and yet feeling so limited and idle in view to love.
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  • Rhythm & Soul
    Rhythm & Soul This is a song I wrote about losing yourself in the rhythm of a song and it's about forgetting all the chaos in the world for a moment and forgetting about your viewpoints and opinions and beliefs, everything off of the table for just one moment, and taking that moment to just...lose yourself. I encourage all of those who do lose themselves to choose a rhythm and melody that is upbuilding and positive that way when you come back to reality, you can face it as a much calmer, happier, and stronger person.
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