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  • I GO OUT Deborah De Luca
    I GO OUT Deborah De Luca I GO OUT - Deborah De Luca (Original Remix) solamente030 sola_mente records may 2017 [Original Remix ]
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  • Premiere Cassy Running
    Premiere Cassy Running Dark and drenched in sultry, late-night vibes, Cassy's techno tune 'Running' leans into a mysterious vocal and a slapping kick, setting the tone for the four-track compilation with a high bar. Her track will be featured on 'Muna Musik 005' alongside tunes from David Meyer, Andre Butano & Aldo Cadiz and Alejandro Mosso, out on June 2. http://mixmag.net/read/premiere-cassy-constructs-a-dark-techno-number-with-running-premieres
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  • MOOD043 2. Sly Faux Hashes Of Eight
    MOOD043 2. Sly Faux Hashes Of Eight Having offered us gems (and pearls) on the likes of Revolution, TFU and Green Fetish, Australian techno spellbinder Sly Faux takes a giant leap to MOOD with three of his most immersive creations to date. Not just a clever name, Sly Faux is a savvy atmosphere technician, too. This is evident the moment the twinkling starlit intro of the EP title track ignites, gradually easing us into his dark, misty textures with a subtle sense of theatre. Dynamically developing in momentum throughout, it’s the perfect set opener. A MOOD enhancer, perhaps. Flexing a more forthright sense of dark euphoria, ‘Hashes Of Eight’ is a thriving, driving peaktime cut. Armed with a persistent timeless hook, barbed vocal, yearning chords lilting sternly in the background and a pumping drum arrangement, it’s the type of track you can build a whole sequence around with emotional effect. ‘Violence Is Too Damn Hard’ seals the deal. Another ruminating build starts the journey before more rhythmic elements are introduced along with a sinewy arpeggio that gradually takes pole position in the mix. Fixing our focus with a classic sense of progressive suspense, the real drama can be found in the bottom end as ominous groans sweep sternly beneath. And the real pay off is found in the sense-melting sparkling breakdown. Three tracks of timeless emotional techno, ‘Incandescent’ isn’t just the EP title track… It’s a signature Sly Faux is slowly making his own. We suspect there’ll be more to come…
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  • Official Masters of Hardcore Podcast 104 by Death by Design [technomusic |2017-05-28]
    Official Masters of Hardcore Podcast 104 by Death by Design [technomusic |2017-05-28] The worlds leading hardcore podcast. TRACKLIST 00.06 01: Sia - Cheap Thrills (The Skull & The Sequel Hardtek Bootleg) 02.58 02: The Braindrillerz VS Miss Enemy - Kontakt 05.31 03: Vertex - Freedom 08.21 04: Death By Design - Death By Dying 11.37 05: Scavenger - Only Human 13.27 06: Hyrule War - Told Ya 15.59 07: Crypton & Vertex - Bounce 18.05 08: Death By Design & Brutal Jesters - Fearception 21.18 09: Lysergide - Turgid 22.56 10: Death By Design - A-hole 25.28 11: Remzcore - Pain Is My Gift (Hyrule War Remix) 28.16 12: Sprinky - Rocking Bye 31.14 12: Sinister Seven & Nielos - Dirty Cops 33.33 13: Deathroar - Going Wild 35.01 14: Death By Design - Big Bomb 39.10 15: Death By Design - Alibaba 41.58 16: Deathroar - Pussy Pop 43.47 17: Serox - Dangerous Technology 46.16 18: Dr. Peacock & Repix - Destroy Everything (Sprinky Remix) 48.11 19: Hyrule War & La Ravage - Chinese Taxi Driver SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/MOH-podcast DOWNLOAD: http://www.soundcloud.com/mastersofhardcore Masters of Hardcore Media Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialMOH Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/official_MOH Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/mastersofhardcore Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/mastersofhardcore Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mastersofhardcore Website: http://www.mastersofhardcore.com Death by Design Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deathbydesigndj Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/deathbydesgindj Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFYRgi1-sWlmuRxpXtgJq7Q Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/death_by_design_offical/
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  • Podcast 062 Jeff Rushin
    Podcast 062 Jeff Rushin An exclusive podcast from Jeff Rushin recorded for Awakenings Festival 2017 where he'll be playing at Area A on Saturday! SoundCloud: @awakenings Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/awakeningsevent Facebook: www.facebook.com/awakenings Instagram: www.instagram.com/awakenings Twitter: twitter.com/awakenings YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/awakeningsevent Website: www.awakenings.com
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  • Ling Ling Punch In A Box
    Ling Ling Punch In A Box Post Production by Pozek https://soundcloud.com/pozek
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  • Wigbert Rain Shower
    Wigbert Rain Shower Since his SCI+TEC debut, ’This And That’, back in 2014, we’ve seen Offenbach’s Wigbert flourish and develop into one of the most exciting young producers of today. With a talent for exploring fresh tangents and textures of sound, the German has become a creative conductor among his fellow minimal mercenaries. Having rocked the recent SCI+TEC 10 showcase in Beirut alongside label boss Dubfire and fresh from the release of his fantastic remix of Gregor Tresher’s ‘Quiet Distortion’, Wigbert now unveils his excellent new ‘Rain Shower’ EP. The title track showcases, to perfection, the power of ‘less is more’. Single note bass stabs and bouncing droplets create a feeling of expanse, as synth chords wash through in intense waves, building to a cloudburst crescendo. Adopting a similar albeit more powerful bounce, Wigbert propels us with washes of sound and rabid snares as we take flight on ‘Airplane’, before he closes out the release with the powerful synth driven monster that is ‘Weird Chords’. Not so odd, but incredibly effective and yet another SCI+TEC stunner.
    technomusic 00:07:48 7.04 K 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Monika Kruse Meets PigDan So Good
    Monika Kruse Meets PigDan So Good On the back of their critically acclaimed ‘Oblivion’ EP, from which ‘Sensation’ was named one of the techno tracks of 2016 by Mixmag, Monika Kruse rejoins her brothers-from-another-mother Pig&Dan for another electrifying two-track EP. Both tracks – ‘Get Me On’ and ‘So Good’ featured in her celebrated debut Essential Mix that aired on April 1 and have highlighted the iconic techno artist’s sets over the past month, everywhere from Time Warp to her wildly popular b2b with Andrea Oliva at Boiler Room Madrid in March. Produced during an inspired couple of days in Mallorca with Pig&Dan in January, both records are explosive techno weapons built for the peaktime and propelled by a stunning warehouse stomp. ‘Get Me On’ is a driving affair from the outset, powered by a compelling mainroom groove that’s gradually immersed in exhilarating cyclone swirls of melody. ‘So Good’ is as delectable as its name, characterized by a roaring buildup that’s drawn out dramatically for much of its 8-minute running time, working in tandem with several carefully deployed breakdowns. Both records are destined to leave a devastating impact at festivals over the summer. [Terminal M ]
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  • Bart Skils Drumcode Los Angeles
    Bart Skils Drumcode Los Angeles My full set from our drumcode night at factory 93 in LA. Amazing crowd & vibe on the dancefloor!.. [20-05-2017 ]
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  • Shanti People Tandava Blazy Gottinari  100K FB FREE DOWNLOAD
    Shanti People Tandava Blazy Gottinari 100K FB FREE DOWNLOAD Hi everybody ! today for my 100K FB i share a special track who mix 3 differents styles, Hardtek, Psytrance and Frenchcore. It's the remix of the hit banger "Tandava" by Shanti People remixed by Blazy & Gottinari... a master piece ! so excuse me in advance to had pitch up this track and put some noise inside ! i had a lot of pleasure to do it , it s really cool to mix this 3 style together with all my love and respect for music !! FREE DOWNLOAD of course ;) free sound for free people !! enjoy & share !! peace ;) [Billx Hard Remix ]
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