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Lead vocal singer spanning multiple genres from Indian classical to contemporary across 6 languages. Love any music that connects to the soul (genre/language no bar). Strive within my humble capacity each day to become better at existing genres with a willingness to experiment and expand in others.

Sargamisafar`s Uploads

  • Adi Arachu Arachu
    Adi Arachu Arachu On the occasion of Tamil New year, here's wishing everyone a happy and prosperous year ahead. Presenting herewith is my cover of a folksy (rural-tinged) peppy yesteryear hit. This song was released in the Kamalhassan film "Magarasan" back in 1993. The song is a typical potboiler with signature tuning by maestro Ilayaraja. Two men try to woo a girl by praising her and letting each other down. A rather sloppy presentation on the video...however, the song still does sound fresh and representative of a Tamil yester-year release from 1993. Hope you will all enjoy this song...
    sargamisafar 00:05:03 49 0 Downloads 5 Comments
  • Mitwaa
    Mitwaa Hi friends - Here's presenting one of my eternal favorite songs in my humble capacity. The song needs no special introduction - it was a chartbuster and brought a fantabulous singer from Pakistan (Shafaqat Amanat Ali) to Bollywood, thanks to Shankar-Ehsan and Loy. A toughie for a song with high pitch and soulfully tricky harkats, this still gets a listen today, despite a decade passing by after its release.
    sargamisafar 00:06:19 66 0 Downloads 8 Comments
  • Aadi Vaa Kaatte
    Aadi Vaa Kaatte It's springtime....weather got pleasant with breeze....flowers bloom bountifully. As we rejoice with the onset of this beautiful season, here's my cover of an extremely popular Malayalam yesteryear classic which captures the mood of the hour, so gently and so beautifully. Penned by lyricist ONV Kurup and tuned by the great composer Johnson for the movie "Koodevide" released to packed silver jubilee day run in the early 80s, this song is a conversation with natural elements that color springtime. An all-time favorite of mine...enjoyed recording this cover a whole lot... aaDi vA kATTe paaDi vA kATTe aayiram pookkaL nuLLi vA oh wind...come singing and dancing through a thousand flowers andhi poomAnam ponoonjyaalAttum mandArappookkaL nuLLi vA as the clouds form a swing, come along breezing through the yellow flowers kANA thirumuRivugaLil thoogum kuLiramrudaayi along unseen corners, spreading the coolness karaLil niRayum kaLaravamAyi pUnkATTe fill the heart fully.... chella kuRinji pUththU illikkADum pUviTTu Kurinji flower blossomed and so did the wild plants aayiram varnnajAlam aaDi pADum mELayil the colors decorate the place aarO pADum thArAttin eeNam yETTu pADum come with the lullaby that you picked up from someone's tune snEhadEvadhoothikE varU nee varU like an angel of kindness and love... uNNikkinAvin chuNDil ponnum thEnum chAlichchu Gold and honey flowed in a child's dream aaruDe doothumaayi aaDum megha manjalil which divine being's messenger are you? aarE thaeDi vannaNanjyu nI aaDi mAsakATTE who did you come in search of, oh wind? dEvadoothar paaDum ee vazhi ee vazhi.... you came along the divine angel's path....
    sargamisafar 00:05:24 70 0 Downloads 8 Comments
  • Kannamoochi Yenada (Reprise)
    Kannamoochi Yenada (Reprise) Hi Friends - Presenting my cover of a song with classical shades, composed by A.R.Rahman for the hit Tamil movie "Kandukonden, Kandukonden" (I found it, I found it) - which was a Kollywood adaption of "Sense and Sensibility". This song, though picturized only in the female solo version in the movie, had an abridged/reprised male version released in the audio album. Sung by the great Yesudasji, the song talks about the mischief of Lord Krishna,who is known for his romantic trysts in Indian epics. kaNNaamoochchi aenadaa en kaNNaa kaNNaamoochchi aenadaa en kaNNaa naan kaNNaadip poruL poaladaa (2) Why this hide and seek with me? I am a fragile being... andha nadhiyin karaiyai naan kaettaen andhak kaatRai niRuththiyum kaettaen (2) I asked the banks of the river and the wind that blew vaan veLiyaik kaettaen vidaiyae illai (2) and the sky ...still didn't get an answer iRudhiyil unnaik kaNdaen irudhayap poovil kaNdaen (2) finally I saw you in the flower of my heart en manam unakkoru viLaiyaattu bommaiyaa (2) Is my heart a playtoy for you? enakkena uNarchchigaL thaniyaaga illaiyaa Don't I have my own feelings? nenjin alai uRangaadhu My heart is restless like the sea waves un idhazh koNdu vaay mooda vaa en kaNNaa..aa un idhazh koNdu vaay mooda vaa en kaNNaa Come and comfort me un imai koNdu vizhi mooda vaa and close my eyes un udaldhaan en udaiyallavaa you are my guard paaRkadalil aadiya pinnum un vaNNam maaRavillai innum (2) Even after churning the ocean, your color is unchanged en nenjil koodiyae niRam maaRavaa come and change color in my heart ennuyiril nee vandhu saerga udhadugaL eeramaay vaazhga kalandhida vaa come and join me...
    sargamisafar 00:03:23 64 0 Downloads 5 Comments
  • Bavalu Saiyya Saiyya
    Bavalu Saiyya Saiyya Presenting my cover of a different stroke by Maestro Ilayaraja from a mid-90s Telugu movie. A raunchy number with a peppy tune. Haven't tried much songs in this genre and hence took up the challenge. Hope you all will hear and enjoy the same! Bavalu saiyya saiyya Maradalu saiyye saiyye Guvvalu guyya guyya abbani tassadeeyya Fooddingu pOzugADA beddinggu sardukOrA bOingu gaali pilla reemborey neeku mallA Bavalu Bavalu…Guvvalu… GOLi sOdAla gOlathO rummu colaalu yEsukO Jinnu limcAla dosuthO jarda beeDALu mEsukO Hampilu kottyAru MPlu aiyyAru mathichedinOLLanthA Sexyla keechupitta koothapatE yELA Roxyla rambha junnu mEtha onDi rA rA Saala meesaala rosaalE melipeDithivA Maare dammArE nee dummu dulipi vadhalanA Baavalu Maradalu… Matinee show choosi jodugA chutney cheddhamu eedunE Marriage leni family laaTikeLLAli raa mari chAkkallE nEnuNTE shape-a naa jallaNtu maDathala pEchilO differensula beetu meedha aadukOrA disco maNDapEta rootulOnA veLLi pOrA moscow jaare jaa jaare chEjaare cheli paDukunE jOrE challArE jOhAruloppu vadhalana..
    sargamisafar 00:04:56 75 0 Downloads 4 Comments
  • Indha Mamanoda
    Indha Mamanoda Dear friends - Presenting a classic melody composed by Maestro Ilayaraja from the movie Uthamaraasa released in 1993. This melody accompanies a situation in the movie where the heroine pretends to like someone other than her maternal uncle (who loves her since childhood). The protagonist sings this song wishing her well and supporting her decision, while hiding his own sorrow and dejection. A very interesting rhythm pattern during pauses and nice flow of words makes this an evergreen melody. Hope you will all listen and enjoy this cover. Thanks to Naqviji for insisting and suggesting workarounds to maneuver the troubles I had with this site for nearly 2 months now. Lyrics by poet Thiru.Vaali with translation as follows: Indha mAmanODa manasu malliyappU pOlE ponnAnadhu This beloved man's heart is soft and golden Indha vaNNa mayil adhanAl yeNNiyadhu pOlE pUchUDudhu The beloved lady adorns him like flowers on her hair kuththAla kuLumaiyum kooDi varudhu As the cool weather engulfs sandhOsha nenapporu kODi varudhu and many beautiful thoughts arise solla vArthai yaedhumillai verbal expressions run out of words akkALin magaLukku kaettadhai naan koDuppEn i will give whatever my niece asks manassil ippo allADi kiDakkuRa aasaiyai nAn muDippEn and fulfil all her wishes virumbiyadhu innaeram kedaikkiRa pOdhu oru yaekkam nenjil yaedhu when everything wished for comes along, heart yearns for nothing ellOrkkum ninaiththadhu poalae maNa vAzhkkai vaaiththiDaadhu everyone does not beget a married life which they wish for yeppOdhum oruvanai yeNNi thavithe ippOdhu adhai nAn kaNDu piDithEn i found that she has always pined for her beloved.. getti maeLam kaetkkum naeram kooDa as the wedding times resound... ponnAna nagaigaLum mAlaiyum naan tharuvEn i will give you garlands and jewelry maNavaraiyil kaNNAlE unakkoru nanDRiyai naan uRaippEn and thank you through my eyes as you enter the marriage hall enakku aNDru sollAdha uNarvugaL kooDum vizi Oram eeramAgum as my emotions overtake and wet my eyes with tears of joy kalyaNakkanavugaL yaavum kaiyil saerum neramAgum every dream of marriage will come true then pallANDu paDiththiDum oor muzhudhum Everyone will wish their best vaNDAttam paRandhiDum vanji manadhum as this lady's heart flutters in joy manjathAli maarbil oonjalaaDa and the sacred thread adorns her neck...
    sargamisafar 00:04:51 181 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • Malligaiye Malligaiye
    Malligaiye Malligaiye Dear Friends..This week's cover from me is a tricky composition of maestro Dr.IlayarAja from the Tamil movie Periya Veettu Pannakkaran released in 1990. I stumbled upon this song while watching a reality singing show a couple of years ago and the contestant sang it soulfully with all the intricate details.Though the original appears breezy in the voice of Yesudas, the nuances are very enticing and challenging. Set to one of my favorite raagas (SarasAngi), this song paints a romantic picture in a rural background. SarasAngi, for its beautiful emotions and grandeur, always gets a raw deal in Carnatic platforms due to its close allies MayamAlavagowla and chArukEshi being more popular. I personally have taken this raaga for elaboration with some unique compositions at a couple of concerts and it has always raised curiosity amidst listners. Huge kudos to Ilayaraja for amply using this rAga in many of his film song compositions. Lyrics by poet Vaali with translation below: Malligaiyae malligaiyae thoodhAgappO Oh jasmine...be my messenger thuLLi varum thenDralayE nI sErthuppO along with the bubbly breeze nOi koNDu nAn siRu nUlAginEn i am dilapidated from the disease of love thEyAmalE piRaippOl aagiREn without waning, i became a waning moon thAngAdhu ini thAngAdhu i cannot bear this anymore! Sandhiranum suttadhu ingE sandhanamum pOnadhu yengE The moon burnt me...where's the sandalwood to cure it? oththayila nikkiREn kannE niththiraiyum kettadhu peNNE I stand alone here with sleepless eyes, my dear. maNikkuyil pADum kural kEttu varuvAya will you come at the beckoning of the koel? thanimayil vandhu onDRu kEttAl tharuvAyA and give me what i ask for? mInDum mInDum nI adhai kEttuppArammA ask me that again and again... En manassu enniDamillai raaththiriyil yeththanai thollai my heart isn't with me and the night is too troublesome sembagamum malligaimottum vandhu vandhu vAttudhu yennai the flowers and buds are caressing me in dreams kanavugaL pOLE kaNNIl nIyE varum nEram as you come in my dreams manadhinil pAlum inbathEnum kalandhODum my heart fills with milk and honey aaDi paaDathaan varum aasai sErum nI as we dance and sing, all our desires get fulfilled
    sargamisafar 00:04:52 194 0 Downloads 8 Comments
  • Kanni Malare
    Kanni Malare Dear Friends.. uploading a Malayalam cover of a yesteryear classic in quick succession :-) This song appears in the movie as a couple get their daughter(who is dumb from birth) with all their best arrangements. As the wedding proceeds(South Indian style), the song captures the proceeds beautifully. Tuned by Gangai Amaren in raag Yaman. Soulfully rendered by Yesudas in the movie "Justice Raja", the lyricist was Poovachal Khader. Lyrics with rough translation as under: kanni malarE puNNyam pularnna ponnu magaLE tender flower...my blessed golden daughter.. manam kodhichcha naaL vannidhA the day we longed for is here .. nin mozhiyuLLa veeNaiyil ninnum from the language of your veeNa iniyuNarnnidum pudhiyoru rAgam a new raag will emanate today yennuLLil niRaiyum bhaavugam and fill me with content.. mudhrayaNi maNi mOdhiram viralil chArththiyum adorning the signature ring(wedding ring) in your finger mulla malaraNi maalakaL muDiyil chUDiyum and jasmine flowers decking your tresses muththumozhiyuLLa naanamODE padhangaL oonnillum you take each step with bridal shyness ponnin kadhir maNi vEdhi pOgum paDigaL kaeRiyum as the golden rays brighten your path devathapOl vanna soundaryamE with the beauty of a fairy veettin aishwaryamE madhura darshanamE you bring wealth and prosperity to the home nI thaalam Endhi munnil nilkkum ee vELayil aashamsakaL i wish you at this auspicious moment in your life nithya sumangala kuNgumam ninnil mEvaNam may you live long with your husband as the sindhoor fills your forehead ennum ivanudE veethigaL ninnAl theLiyaNam may his path be cleared and brightened by you vaakkil podhiyunna snEhamallA ivaL dhan praaNanil words cannot explain her deep affection vaakkil odhungunna vaakhyamallA ivaL dhan kaNNgaLil her mouth cannot speak the words of her eyes ninnarikil yEzhum maunakkuyil next to you is a dumb koel ivaLkkAlambamaayi ini ninTE kaigaL whose everything is in your hands nI yennumennum kAththiTENam nin dEhamaayi nin dEhiyaayi you should take care of her like your body and soul..
    sargamisafar 00:04:43 188 0 Downloads 17 Comments
  • Dhoori Dhoori Dummakka Dhoori
    Dhoori Dhoori Dummakka Dhoori Happy Mother's day weekend to all of you. In celebration of motherhood, I'm presenting a nostalgic Ilayaraja tune from the late 80s, set for a situation in the Tamil movie "Thendral Sudum" and rendered by the great P.Susheelamma. After many years of disappearance, an estranged mom reaches the annual day function at her childrens' school to listen to them sing. In memory of their mom, they sing this song with a longing and yearning to meet her again(not knowing she's amidst the audience). A very poignant and soulful song with crescendo orchestration that highlights the feel and longing. Hope you all like this presentation. Lyrics with rough translation Dhoori Dhoori Dhummakka Dhoori (2) Ho... Vaigai vaigai aatrangarayil thendral thendral oonjal katta --the wind ties a swing along vaigai river's shore-- sandhana pookkal thandhanam paadudhamma Ho.. --and the flowers sing happily-- Amma sonnaaLa anbuvazhi paattaalae --mom taught us affection through this song-- sollikkoduthavalae sollamale ponaalae --having taught this, she left unnoticed-- yeppo varruvaaLo saamikkitta kaettaachu --we have asked God when she would return-- kaNNeer kaDithangaL soppanathil pottAchu --and sent him tear-filled letters in our dreams-- Amma...Amma --mom,mom,,,-- Amma uDanE nI varavENDum ingE --mom, you need to come here immediately-- naangaL ilaippArum maDithaan virikka --and take us in your lap-- engaL paattellAm ketkAdhO angae --can't you hear our song?-- paaDum iLa nenjam thuDiyAi thuDikka --as the singing heart suffers-- engE engE un mugam kAttu --where are you..show us your face-- ingaE piLLai paaDudhu pAttu vA --here, the child is singing your song...come..--
    sargamisafar 00:03:32 208 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Raajashilpi Neeyenikkyoru
    Raajashilpi Neeyenikkyoru Dear Friends - Presenting my cover of a yesteryear classic Malayalam song, Tuned by Devarajan master for the movie "Panchavan Kaadu", this evergreen song was iconized by P.Susheelamma. This is a tribute to a timeless combo of legendary musicians...hope you all will enjoy this presentation.
    sargamisafar 00:03:36 233 0 Downloads 8 Comments
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