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Steve Wilber "a Fresh Start"…; 1987-05-24

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+++Title: "A Fresh Start"
+++Speaker: Steve Wilber
+++Date: May 24, 1987
+++Venue: Pinecrest

--- The message starts off low and humble. The text is from Luke 5.

--- 1:15 - Quote from Joe Nieves.

--- 3:06 - Quotes Bro. Parkyns.

--- 3:45 - Testimony about when Steve first began to seek after the Lord, and the healing of his mother.

--- 5:45 - A story of two angels: Roberta Wilber and Dave Larkin.

--- 6:45 - Leaves off with the message for a praise break.

--- 8:45 - Second-hand impartations from John Follette and Myrtle Beale.

--- 10 min - Cane Ridge Revival.

--- 10:30 - Follette's view of washing the fish nets.

--- 14 min - He quotes Bro. Taylor, "Holding out for God's best at any cost".

--- 14:45 - The "insanely delicious thought" of wasting our whole lives upon God.

--- 15 min - He briefly embarrasses his wife.

--- 15:30 - Quote from Hattie Hammond.

--- 17:45 - God is VERY MUCH inclined to forgive!

--- 21 min - He lists the people of power whom he went to see in the 1950s.

--- 21:45 - Testimony about seeing the shekinah glory cloud in Cleveland, 1959. He thought that the rapture was occuring! Steve received a prophetic word at that time: "God wants you to go and seek Him for yourself." He never went back to get another word from those men.

--- 24 min - Steve's mother went to meetings because she had an active compassion for the sick, but (young) Steve went because he loved the sensational release of power. They were in the same crowd, but had two different motives.

--- 24:30 - He describes the "Pinecrest Day" that he's been living in for ten years.

--- 26:45 - When Jesus says, "Verily verily", you're getting "True truth". You're getting a word that doesn't have to be tried seven times.

--- 27:30 - Now he's quoting Brian Bailey (from Elim), regarding "agreeing with God when He speaks".

--- 32:35 - The means are more important than the end. It must be done God's way. Jesus said that he **IS** the way.

--- 34:50 - Follette said that the noblest motive is to press upon Jesus to hear the word of God.

--- 35:20 - Wasn't it a nice retirement for Peter's boat, when Jesus stepped into it and turned it into a pulpit?

--- 36:55 - "Launch out into the deep". For each individual, there awaits in God a personal challenge for us. He calls us to "let the shoreline go", but we hold onto the weeds!

--- 38:40 - Story about William Branham and "old mama opossum". Don't ever imagine that some in our number are spiritually CLEVER; we are ALL OBTUSE when it comes to hearing in the Spirit. It takes a lot of grace for all of us.

--- 44 min - Before moving to Pinecrest, Steve's four year old son Eric PROPHESIED the move, giving a three-point description of PC. OUt of the mouths of babes...

--- 45:10 - Jesus' word to Simon opened up the depths of Lake Gennasaret. His word to us will open up the depths of everything. Testimony of miracles in China.

--- 52 min - Peter has a religious experience of such urgency that he falls upon his knees on a SINKING SHIP! There are some things that you just can't put up with.

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