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Steve Wilber - "a Few Lessons From …ot history" 1987-07-13

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+++Title: "A Few Lessons From Old Testament Narrative History"
+++Speaker: Steve Wilber
+++Venue: Pinecrest Summer Bible Conference

--- 5 min - Steve often feels God's manifest presence as he reads God's word.

--- 6 - "In the beginning God..." Do you have God at the beginning (foundation) of your life?

--- 7 - I Sam 3 - young Samuel begins to minister unto the Lord.

--- 10 - There was a time when the glory of God appeared in the tabernacle of Moses, of which Eli was now the overseer. Would you like to draw closer to God?

--- 11 - Steve alludes back to something which was shared earlier in the meeting by "Peggy" (Boyle?). In Gen. 49:22, Joseph put forth branches that went over the "wall". If you're sick of the dimension that you've been existing in, start putting branches forth! Don't wait for somebody to uproot, transplant, or re-pot you. Begin to put forth your branch! You might start "here", but you can experience the "THERE" in God. Hallelujah!

--- 14:30 - The lyrics from a song that they used to sing at Eastern Bible Institute during the move of God there.

---15:30 - Story about Steve's friend Dave, who is a prophet and is also a difficult person. His life was used as a channel for healing of a baby girl in PA, and they watched the deformity in her skull vibrate as it was being restored into proper shape over the course of fifteen minutes. This was followed by six years of revival in that place.

--- 27 - It is possible to be generous to a fault. A man in Dearborn, MI once challenged Steve's wife to give away their house to him!

--- 28 - "Moral Effort" vs. "Personal Fatalism". When things reach a certain state, it takes an enormous moral effort to set them right again. Eli had allowed his sons to develop in an evil way, and now he tries to change them but fails. According to the Bible passage, this was because the Lord had already decided to slay them. Sometimes the person that you're talking to is ALREADY under judgment.

--- 33 - A nameless prophet is sent to Eli. This nameless man of God knows God just as well as Isaiah and Jeremiah do, but he doesn't have a name. There are MANY of these embedded in the church today.

--- 35 - Story about a nameless Jesus Freak who never accepted so much as a single dollar, but worked many miracles. Steve remarks about the desire for fame.

--- 39 minutes into the message and he's moving on from verse 1 to verse 2 in I Sam 1. We're transitioning from the last of the Judges (Eli) to the first of the prophets (Samuel).

--- 40 min - Samuel had been ministering in the Lord's tabernacle, but he did not yet know the Lord, neither had the word of the Lord yet been revealed to him. That's where we're at in this generation. The Lord has apprehended a multitude of young Samuels (both male and female) and they're ministering under the oversight of an old, experienced Eli, an older ministry - either good or bad - and yet they don't KNOW the Lord (as they're GOING to know Him), and the Word of the Lord has not yet been revealed to those young people. Isn't that a critical moment that we're in, very delicately poised?

--- 43 - Deut 34 - As Moses is about to die, the Lord shows him all the promised land. God buries him secretly and privately, and Israel weeps for thirty days. Moses' footsteps still make America vibrate today. But Eli does not die like that.

--- 47 - When Saul dies he says, "I have played the fool".

--- 48 - I Sam 4: Israel now has ONE YOUNG MAN who knows the voice of the Lord.

--- 54 - Two contrasting styles of prayer. Do we go to the Lord first and ask what HE desires?

--- 60 - Samuel is getting the sin of Israel out the the way so that God almighty can work by His power. Now the Philistines come out for battle against Israel.

--- 61 - The past and future are colliding. The sinful past of man vs. the Kingdom of God.

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