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S Wilber - "luke Is Speaking" …(the prodigal son) 1985-04-14

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+++ Title: "Luke is Speaking" (The Prodigal Son)
+++ Speaker: Bro. Stephen Wilber
+++ Date: 04-14-1985
+++ Venue: Pinecrest BTC, the Sunday morning service following Easter.

+++ Remarks:

--- 2 minutes - Luke 15 - The parable of the prodigal son.

--- 6 min - The father divided his goods to his sons. He made a covenant with them. -- God made a FIRST covenant and His people didn't abide by it. -- God made a SECOND covenant and His people aren't abiding by it (that's us). --That's why we are here this morning - to come into a right relationship with His covenant for us.

--- 14 - The parable of the prodigal is "the perfect story, perfectly told", telling us what the Father is like. He is a GIVING father.

--- 16 - Steve can see the story of Lucifer reenacted:
-- The son's changing attitude as he shifts his focus away from the Father's face. -- The son should have asked in his father's NAME, asking for wisdom regarding WHAT TO DO with this wealth.
-- Instead, the son takes this wealth and SEPARATES it from the father, taking it away.
-- "Stolen power" - God gave it and yet Lucifer stole it.
-- Broken relationship.
-- The SAFETY of Father's house, where you won't be DESTROYED by the gifts of prophecy, healing, etc. (as so many have been).

--- 22 - When the enemy tempts Bro. Wilber, Steve wants to tell him all about how Jesus walked all over him at the cross.

--- 22 - The one-word epitaph on a tombstone: "Kept!". When this son left the father's house, the father went WITH him.

--- 24 - The word "prodigal" means "wasteful". He lost everything, including himself.

--- 26 - "Far country". God sent a mighty famine to THAT land.

--- 27 - Cain (Gen. 4) - "A fugitive and a wanderer shalt thou be in the earth." "My punishment is greater than I can bear."

--- 29 - In the Father's house, there is NO END to the supply of fatted calves!

--- 30 - Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers.
-- The believer is always forced into the inferior position.
-- The prodigal joins himself with a citizen of a far country and takes on the role of a swine, going lower and lower and lower.

--- 37 - The prodigal has played various roles, but is now coming all the way down to his true self. -- The lost SON-SHIP!! -- He declares that he is UNWORTHY of sonship. "...no longer worthy to be called thy son"

--- 38 - As soon as he comes to himself, he thinks of his FATHER.

--- 39 - Steve differentiates STRANGE WOMEN from your one lawfully wedded wife. If you divorce her, she becomes a strange woman, and all other women are are also strange women.

--- 42 - Father's house exerts a PULL upon us. -- John 6:44 - "No man can come to me except the Father who hath sent me draw him". -- In the mire of a pig pen, he feels the PULL of father's house! -- When God would save a man, He draws him with more power than it would take to create ten thousand universes. -- And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me.

--- 47 - As the son went though all of his mutations, his father's hand was ever upon him. -- His father saw him before he saw his father.

--- 49 - Many people in the church are UNWILLING to be called from SERVANTHOOD up into sweet SONSHIP.

-- When you take someone fresh out of the pig pen, it can be risky, but the sweet savor of the Father's grace EXTINGUISHES the smell IMMEDIATELY. The matter of salvation is so urgent that it can't wait for the son to take a bath first.

--- 52 - The older brother HAS TO ASK what the sound of music and dancing MEANS. -- Those who are stuck in servanthood can never understand music and dancing. It is reserved for SONS. "Lo, these many years have I served thee..." For all of these years, the elder brother has been a STRANGER in his father's house.

--- 55 - How many church people reject the rejoicings of Father's house? The true operations of God's grace can be socially disruptive.

--- 56 - Song: "Touching Jesus is all that matters".

--- 61 - Joan Forde closes in prayer.

--- 62 - Steve announces that Barbara Massie will be ministering in chapel that evening.

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