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Hi this is Garima Roy from India and I love to explore the terms like Healthcare, relation between doctors and patient, nutrition, therapy and that's what make me feel the love and pain of human beings. http://www.healthcareathomeindia.com/

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  • 5 Healthy Cooking Methods There are many cooking methods that are healthy and you don’t have to be a master chef to create low-fat, healthy food that tastes great. know more: http://healthcareathomeindia.com/blog/5-healthy-cooking-methods
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  • 5 Nasal Allergy Symptoms You Should Not Ignore
    5 Nasal Allergy Symptoms You Should Not Ignore Allergic rhinitis or nasal allergy is an inflammatory reaction to animal hair, pollens, house dust mites, mold and pollution. Often mistaken as common cold due to similar symptoms, it causes sneezing and nasal congestion.
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  • Do you Exercise Outdoors? Then this is a Must Read for You While regular physical activity is one of the keys to maintaining lung health, doing so indoors can reduce the harmful effects of air pollution on your lungs.
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  • 5 Types of Headaches You Should Know
    5 Types of Headaches You Should Know Are you troubled by a continuous throbbing headache that refuses to go away? Headaches can drain all your energy and leave you feeling irritable. Know what causes them and how you can treat them.
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  • 5 Things You Should Know About Bipolar Disorder
    5 Things You Should Know About Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder or manic depression is a syndrome which causes mood swings, extreme tempers, emotional highs and lows very frequently. Under such a mental illness, a person may feel extremely happy at one moment but may feel depressed at another moment.
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  • 5 Ways to Lower Your Heart Disease Risk
    5 Ways to Lower Your Heart Disease Risk Cardiovascular disease is an umbrella term for diseases that occur due to irregular functioning of the heart. Some of these diseases include coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation. Heart diseases also cause highest number of deaths worldwide.
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  • 5 Ways to Battle Insomnia
    5 Ways to Battle Insomnia The repetitive cycle of tossing and turning begins soon after an insomniac has attempted to rest for the night. This then leads to mindless hours spent fidgeting on the bed. The ears can now turn painfully sensitive to the lightest of sounds in the room. This ordeal continues until the morning, when the rest of the world is up and running while the insomniac has to trudge through their daily routine.
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  • 4 Eyedeas for Eye Care
    4 Eyedeas for Eye Care Our eyes are one of the most important parts of our body. They are also one of the most sensitive parts, making it all the more important to take special care of them. Some of the common eye problems are blurry vision, watery eyes, dry eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes, etc.
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  • 4 Health Issues Women Don't Talk About but Should How do you feel? A long pause, followed by clearance of throat and then silence heavier than the fog in January hung in the air. Does this sound familiar to you? How often have you flushed red with embarrassment on seeing a TV commercial on sanitary napkins?
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  • 5 Healthy Snacks to Eat at Work Is the everyday increasing work pressure causing you to skip meals? Do you often find yourself in some burger joint or café at the end of the day to satisfy your hunger? Do breaks in between work mean tons of coffee and tea for you? Well, you may not like this but you are creating trouble for yourself.
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