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Fishitude`s Uploads

  • Live from a bar (@ crime hills)
    Live from a bar (@ crime hills) 15 min. audio capture from my set last sunday.
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  • Podcast with Robyn
    Podcast with Robyn The dish on life, love, and music, as told by Twitchy Fish, up and coming motherfucking rockstar.
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  • Ego(tistical)
    Ego(tistical) all you need is a chick tell you you're cute- hell, she could be fat, she could be skinny, man she could even be mute but if you catch it- yea you caught that - and when you catch it the more you want it. she's just incredible. she's as incredible as you. and man I think its time to start livin' a little more egotistical.
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  • lord knows im not supposed to do this alone
    lord knows im not supposed to do this alone Lord knows I'm not supposed to do this alone Lord knows im not supposed to do this here shit solo. Oh no but maybe I'm the only one who knows the right tone to impose just to get me to listen get me to listen get me to listen so close...
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  • i dont need a cigarrete
    i dont need a cigarrete I was five bucks away from bliss and I could'a been pissed but then i'd'a missed that slick assist and all of this infinite this-ness as if I was practicin' a minor fuckin' fifth on violins tattooed across my wrists while glass fifths'a shit whiskey Crack and chip as they smash into the front'a my teeth instead of my lip and a little bit drips down with every sip but we lick it up quick 'cause we waste not the wanted up in this bitch
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  • Where My Money At, Bitch? and Binge Drinkin'; (Live) in which Twitchy Fish rocks some tunes, gets a standing ovation, and takes back the stage, by popular demand.
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  • Creep (stp cover) half the man I used to be.....
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  • Smoke it.
    Smoke it. give it a kiss no woman alive will ever miss, it's your life.
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  • the end of the bar (var. 3) well i guess its time-- time to wake up now time to just close my eyes and take a look around i guess its time/ time to get old now time to give this bar stool up to the rook and grab my drink and move down towards the end of the bar where the old men talk forever where the jukebox ain't so loud and the ashtrays are always full where them good girls can't hang out much longer where the lights are dimmer but them drinks are stronger and i feel like maybe i'll be able to admit- i'm not able i just say things, like: buy me a shot of 25 yr old scotch and i might just hang around buy me well-shots of vodka on the rocks- well then i know its time for me to move down towards the end of the bar........
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  • it's your life: smoke it if you've got it. i don't want a cigarette, i just need one cause it fits.
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