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  • Ep. 244 Trump Tax Cuts To Starve The Beast
    Ep. 244 Trump Tax Cuts To Starve The Beast Summary: President Trump actually delivered on his promise of the largest tax cut in American history, and he delivered it on time. Trump may have presented a plan with built-in bargaining positions, or he might even intend to pass a tax bill that will "starve the beast". The interesting thing is that the President is applying this 15% tax rate to pass-through entities, such as LLC's, which will encourage most businesses to shift into a different business model to take advantage of the low tax rate. In other words, people currently at a 43.4% rate will pay 15%. This is going to cause two things to happen that will hurt the economy and a lot of people in the middle class: a big increase in consumer prices and inflation. Will Republicans vote against the biggest tax cut ever based on the fact that it adds to the debt? Ultimately, a resulting fiscal crisis might force Republicans to vote to cut spending. Donald Trump was right. He actually lived up to expectations, in fact, he might have exceeded them When it comes to the magnitude of the tax cut that he proposed - on schedule On Wednesday, today, Donald Trump unveiled his idea for what could well be the biggest tax cut in American history Ordinarily, I would be all in favor of the biggest tax cut in American history, if it were accompanied by the biggest spending cuts in American history Government costs what it spends - you have to pay for government, one way or another So if you're going to have big government and you're going to spend all kinds of money, the most efficient way to raise the money is through taxation And of course the most efficient form of taxation would be a consumption tax, sales tax, tariffs Not an income tax An income tax is the worst way to raise revenue An even worse way to raise revenue is by going into debt Borrowing money and then printing money will cause prices to rise, eventually interest rates to rise And ultimately will result in enormous tax hikes To repay all the money that you borrowed What Donald Trump is doing, is he is offering an enormous tax cut, but no spending cuts And what they are saying is that the tax cuts will pay for themselves because there will be so much extra growth That the government will make up for the difference based on more people working and more people having higher incomes and even though the tax rates are lower, the net payments will be higher None of this is true These tax cuts are so enormous that there is no way that the economic growth can make up the difference Even if we get the higher economic growth One of the bigger issues that people are not talking about is the impact of higher interest rates Which will certainly be a result of much larger deficits and even faster economic growth
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  • Brs Makro 26 april
    Brs Makro 26 april En gedigen genomgång av morgonens kvartalsrapporter, från Alimak till Wallenstam samt uppsnack inför dagens makrohöjdare, konjunkturrapporten från Konjunkturinstitutet.
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  • BP Podcast 224 Building a Process to Buy 17 Deals a Week with Chris Clothier
    BP Podcast 224 Building a Process to Buy 17 Deals a Week with Chris Clothier https://www.biggerpockets.com/show224 What does it take to buy 17 deals a week? What if we told you it was the exact same process needed to buy just one deal per year? That’s the topic on today’s show, where we sit down with Chris Clothier to talk about how his company is buying up to 17 deals a week following the same process any investor can to get their own deals. Chris also shares keen insight into building up a thriving business, hiring your first or next employee, why he decided to run a 100-mile ultra-marathon, and much more. Whether you are looking to buy one deal a year or one deal a day, this show will have a tremendous impact on your life!
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  • 574 Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant on Resilience
    574 Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant on Resilience Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg talks about returning to work after her husband’s death, and Wharton management and psychology professor Adam Grant discusses what the research says about resilience. In this joint interview, they talk about how to build resilience in yourself, your team, and your organization. They’re the authors of the new book, "Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy."
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  • A Rant Play to Be In 2020
    A Rant Play to Be In 2020 Stop living in the SHORT TERM and think of what’s on the table further out. I can’t say this enough. If you want to be successful, it doesn’t matter what happens TOMORROW or NEXT WEEK. Think about what you need to happen to get you to where you want to be in 20 years and build towards that. -- ENJOY!!
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  • AP 0848 Why Dont You Use YouTube Video Annotations
    AP 0848 Why Dont You Use YouTube Video Annotations Today's question comes from Vegard, who has a question about annotations for YouTube videos. Why don’t I use a lot of annotations on YouTube videos for Smart Passive Income? What are some alternatives to YouTube annotations? What’s working right now for YouTube video add-ons? How does he utilize YouTube cards and end screens? In this episode, I mention that, starting in May, annotations on YouTube videos will go away, which means you won’t be able to add annotations going forward. I also mention my AskPat Live, which is held every Friday at 1:30pm PT at Facebook.com/SmartPassiveIncome. See you there! Do you have a question about YouTube video annotation? Record it at http://www.askpat.com/. Thanks to ZipRecruiter for sponsoring today's episode. Go to http://www.ziprecruiter.com/pat to get started posting jobs today.
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  • 122 Virtu. Hitting singles all day longon a global scale w Doug Cifu
    122 Virtu. Hitting singles all day longon a global scale w Doug Cifu View show notes: chatwithtraders.com/ep-122-doug-cifu-virtu/
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  • A Keynote USCs Business School
    A Keynote USCs Business School This talk at USC is not only one of my most popular talks but it's one of my FAVORITES and it gets me SO HYPED. This one was interesting because I was speaking to an entrepreneurship class and I just don't think you can learn to be an entrepreneur which makes for an interesting dynamic ;) To be successful you need to be adapting but stay loyal to your strengths.  If you’re a true entrepreneur you understand the importance of taking your idea and running with it — there's no time to waste. You never know what tomorrow will bring and timing is massively important. These lessons don’t stop, no matter what stage of your career you're in.  Macro-patience vs. Micro-speed is everything. Don't dwell on your mistakes and just keep moving forward. Give this one a listen because you do not want to miss it.
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  • 432. Aktierna du ska ga p rapportdagen
    432. Aktierna du ska ga p rapportdagen Börsen har lugnat ner sig efter måndagens franska hausse. Men börs-vd:arna fortsätter att komma till Börslunch. I dag är det Sandviks Björn Rosengren som grillas av programledarna samt av Per Colleen från AP4 och Anders Rudolfsson från DNB.
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  • Ep. 243 Spending Not Taxes Measures Governments True Burden
    Ep. 243 Spending Not Taxes Measures Governments True Burden Summary: Government spending creates the greatest drag on the U.S. economy. Cutting taxes, even the "biggest tax cut ever" cannot stimulate the economy alone. So if you're fed up with paying taxes, if you think you are over-taxed, and you are, it's because the government is spending too much money. The only real way to get relief is to dramatically cut government spending. No one want's to do that, however, because the people who benefit from government spending, vote, and none of the politicians are willing to lose their votes to ease the burden of everybody else. On Friday, President Donald Trump said that he would be unveiling on Wednesday of next week, a massive tax cut In fact, he actually went out on a limb and stated that it is going to be the biggest tax cut ever Now, I'm really not sure why Donald Trump feels he has to keep promising something and then failing to deliver; that's been a problem You don't want to over-promise and under-deliver I understand as a candidate you want to do that; you want to promise anything to get elected But somebody ought to tell Donald Trump that the election is over and he won He's President, and he doesn't have to come out and just say things What I think is that he should say nothing about tax reform until he actually releases a plan That way he can over-deliver Don't promise anything - "I'm working on it." - and don't put up a deadline for Wednesday What if it doesn't happen? What if there is no tax cut on Wednesday What if it's not the biggest the biggest tax cut ever Why make those promises? Maybe his is going to release a massive tax cut on Wednesday and maybe it will be the biggest ever I'm not going to take credit away from the President; I'm just saying, "Why not just wait until Wednesday?" Just in case something goes wrong Maybe this time there actually is a vote But the problem, is if you cry wolf to often, then eventually no one's going to believe you There's really no reason to go out and make the promise; just deliver the massive tax cut on Wednesday and everything will be fine But I guess he can't resist jumping the gun But the crazy part about this, first of all, how is it going to be the biggest tax cut ever? It's hard to believe that, when we have the most debt ever An enormous 20 trillion National Debt, that the President understands, He pointed out how big the debt was when he campaigned How can we afford the biggest tax cut ever unless we're also going to talk about the biggest government spending cut ever?
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