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  • Melon Fields About Town Original instrumental composition recorded January 2017. Instruments: Fender CD-60 acoustic guitar; Casio CTK-2200 keyboard for strings, harp, wood stick and triangle sounds. Recorded with n-Tracks software onto Compaq PC, Reverb and some echo added to the individual tracks. Basic A, E, and D chords with a few variations and some lead improvising using the major pentatonic scale. It's a actually a warm-up exercise I often do and I decided to record it and give it a name.
    RichardHar 00:04:14 50 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Everywhere My rendition of "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac, recorded at home December 2016. Instruments used: Fender CD-60 acoustic guitar, Jay Turser 3/4 size electric guitar, Darbuka drum; plus Android apps to synthetically produce the sounds of acoustic bass, violin, chimes and tamborine (Real Bass, Real Violin, Congas & Bongos, and Real Drum respectively, all available for download from Google Play). Recording method: Compaq PC with n-Track recording software and a Labtec web microphone to capture the acoustic guitar, darbuka and vocal.
    RichardHar 00:03:50 35 0 Downloads 1 Comments
  • December Garage band rendition of "December" by Collective Soul. Marc Leblanc (lead vocal, guitar), Daniel Viger (drums), and myself (bass, backing vocal). Recorded in 1999 on a Fostex X-26 four-track recorder in Daniel's basement.
    RichardHar 00:04:28 39 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Miles To Des Moines Original instrumental composition recorded at home in two phases, decades apart! : acoustic guitar track on mono cassette recorder when I was around twenty; percussion, muted trumpet sound, and manual hand claps added just last year (2015) on computer using n-tracks software.
    RichardHar 00:05:22 24 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Courage My garage band rendition of "Courage" by the Tragically Hip, with my friends from work: Marc Leblanc, lead vocal and guitar; Daniel Viger, drums; and myself on bass and backing vocal. Recorded in 1999 in Daniel's basement on a Fostex X-26 4 track recorder.
    RichardHar 00:04:38 115 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Roar 01 My instrumental rendition of "Roar" by Katy Perry / Bonnie McKee. Recorded at home October 2015, using n-Track Studio 7 recording software for PC. Instruments: Beatcraft drum app; Fender CD-60 acoustic guitar; Jay Terser 3/4 size electric guitar; Casio CTK-2200 keyboard; also my trusty old mini Casio SA-10 Tone Bank was used as an initial reference track to guide the guitar melody, and the SA-10 can be heard on the final beat of the recording.
    RichardHar 00:03:40 95 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Crop News Original composition with two acoustic guitars and one bass recorded at home on a Sony TC-121 stereo tape deck in the late 1980's. On the right channel is the bass with one guitar playing on a Hitachi mono cassette recorder, and on the left channel is the lead guitar recording live. Analog recording converted to mp3 format using Spin-It-Again software with noise reduction and reverb applied during the conversion.
    RichardHar 00:03:59 82 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Melodic Chords in G v2 Original guitar composition recorded at home when I was around twenty years old. Percussion added recently. Guitar recorded on a plain mono cassette recorder, then converted to mp3 file recently. Guitar mixed with percussion using n-Track Studio 7 software. Percussion produced using "Congas and Bongos" app available on Google Play.
    RichardHar 00:03:43 88 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Squire Original instrumental composition co-written by myself (bass) and Norman Robinson (guitar), with Al Kloper (drums). Recorded in Al's basement on a mono cassette recorder back in our college days. The bass was dubbed over a second time a few years later. We had a nickname for each original tune we wrote, and this one had the nickname "Chris Squire" because of the way the bass leads the melody in the chorus and uses syncopated notes the way Chris Squire loved to do, as founding member of the group "Yes". In Chris' honor, who sadly passed away last June, I have named the song "Squire".
    RichardHar 00:05:30 106 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Try (cover version) My rendition of "Try" by Colbie Caillat, recorded at home May-June 2015. Recorded on Compaq PC using n-Track Studio 7 software. Instruments: Samick acoustic guitar; Yamaha classical acoustic guitar. In addition three free Android apps available on Google Play: "Real Piano"; "Violin"; and "Congas & Bongos" where the chime sound came from. Lead vocals, back-up vocals and hand claps recorded with a plain Labtec web microphone, as were the guitars. "Spin-It-Again" software used for light noise reduction and to convert the recording to mp3 format. There is still a slight hissing sound due to the low quality of the sound card in my Compaq PC.
    RichardHar 00:03:43 193 0 Downloads 0 Comments
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