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  • Haal Kya Hai Dilonka - a Kishore Kumar song
    Haal Kya Hai Dilonka - a Kishore Kumar song A fun song from the 70's which was very intelligently transformed from a qawwali style melody into a film song. On the Pakistani side in this form of melody the lyrics were kept mostly spiritual but on the Indian side it was open to any subject. There were two words Shamil and Hosh which were sung in the dialect form in the original but I sang them in the pure Urdu form. For some reason I did not felt good to sing Saamil and Hoss:)) Very good lyrics by Majrooh Sahab. Hope you will enjoy this song in my voice. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Directors: Laxmikant - Pyarelal Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Anokhi Ada (1973)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:28 66 1 Downloads 25 Comments
  • Sham-e-Gham Ki Qasum- a Talat Mehmood song
    Sham-e-Gham Ki Qasum- a Talat Mehmood song Resharing one of my most favorite Talat Mehmood song I sang, played and recorded several years ago. The mix however is recent. I hope you enjoy listening this song that was picturized on Dilip Kumar in film Footpath 1953. Original Singer: Talat Mehmood Music Director: Khaiyyam Lyricst: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Footpath (1953)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:02:55 88 0 Downloads 33 Comments
  • Lakhon Taare Aasman Mein-Duet with Kala Vijay
    Lakhon Taare Aasman Mein-Duet with Kala Vijay This is a brand new recording. Glad I got into some mood to sing. The inspiration came when I watched this song on TV and immediately felt that Kala Behen could be my best partner to cover this song. Though I had heard this song a few times and liked the mukhda very much but I always felt that antaras are a little complicated, nevertheless with some practice and careful listen of the original I somehow figure how I can present in my own style. Kala Behen is a very good singer and knows when and where to place harkats and murkhis, also because she is blessed to posses a throat that produces the right sur every time no matter how high it gets. Thank you so much Kala Behen for singing this song with me. I am sure oldies lovers here would enjoy this song. This is one of those songs where I enjoyed its picturization too...especially when Manoj Kumar tightens his muffler (scarf) at "Khud He Ghont Den Apne Armanon Ka Gala". Original Singers: Mukesh-Lata Music Directors: Shankar-Jaikishan Lyricist: Shailendra Film: Haryali Aur Rasta (1962)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:45 123 0 Downloads 35 Comments
  • Ek Din Bik Jayega
    Ek Din Bik Jayega Very popular song from the 70's. Original Singer: Mukesh Music Director: R.D. Burman Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Dharam Karam (1975)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:05:22 105 2 Downloads 33 Comments
  • Zulmat Kade Mein Mere - Mirza Ghalib's Ghazal
    Zulmat Kade Mein Mere - Mirza Ghalib's Ghazal Another popular ghazal from Mirza Ghalib that was composed by Jagjit Singh. A ghazal that is so reflective of my mood presently as I have almost not sung anything in quite a few months but I am glad I had recorded several songs that I have yet to share. Its very hard to translate ghazals word to word. I did a search just now and found a descriptive translation better than what I had come up with. The third sher is my favorite. It is highly intellectual and for the way Ghalib used the sound of scratching pen's voice on paper while writing to as Angel's voice. Hope you enjoy listening to it. zulmat kade mein mere shab-e-gham ka josh hai ik shamma'a hai daleel-e-sahar, so khamosh hai daagh-e-firaaq-e-sohabat-e-shab kee jalee hooee ik shamma`a reh gaee hai so wo bhee khamosh hai aate hain ghaib se ye mazaameen khayaal mein ghalib, sareer-e-khaama nawa-e-sarosh hai Translation: In this my place of darkness, there is this fervor and emotion of the night of grief. There is a candle which is the sign of the morning and that too is silent. Ghalib says in this my house(world) where darkness pervades and there is passion in me due to this night of grief. The extinguished candle is the proof that the morning has come by. As dawn approaches the candle is blown off. So though my world is still dark (and possibly more darker due to the candle being blown off), there is hope that the dawn is coming soon. Burned by the scar of separation of company of the night. Only one candle has remained, and that too is silent. The poet says being burnt by the wound of separation of the companionship of the night. In this lonely night there was one candle left and that too has been burnt out and the dawn has still not arrived. The burning night of misery has no respite. These topics comes mysteriously(or from the hidden) to my mind. Ghalib, the scratching sound made by the pen is the voice of the angel. The poet says that such topics/themes comes from the hidden/unknown (some higher power) into his mind. Oh Ghalib! the sound of my pen writing is the voice of the angel.
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:48 82 0 Downloads 28 Comments
  • Kehne Ko Bohut Kuch Thaa - C.H.Atma song
    Kehne Ko Bohut Kuch Thaa - C.H.Atma song I have my Muziboo profile saved but I could not find this song in the list so it must have been either shared on eSnips or may be never before but I liked this song for its poetry, melody, style but above all C.H.Atma's deep base voice and the simplicity of his singing. Again this is my own home made track on which I sang and recorded this song, which also happens to be a private song of this singer. Very simple song the theme of which is "I had a lot to say but couldn't". A song from the early 60's I hope you will enjoy in my voice. Original Singer: C.H. Atma Music Director: C.K. Chauhan Lyricist: Sajjan *Note: Sajjan penned several songs, mostly private for Talat Mehmood, Mukesh, C.H. Atma and others. This was not his real name but became popular with it.
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:40 98 0 Downloads 26 Comments
  • Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiye
    Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiye This time I am sharing a song from the time when I was not so careful about maintaining a backup of my music projects...probably because I was more into music than doing PC Admin:). The PC crashed and I lost almost 200 projects but luckily I had some final mixes saved on a CD. I saw the movie Veer Zaara in 2004 and this song became my most favorite. There was no track and also I was not into karaoke singing at all. I had bought a couple of keyboards and I was trying to play and learn how to make my own tracks. Within a week of the film's release I made my own track and covered this song. Off course my tracks did not sound like pro tracks but they served me well at the time. In the times to come karaoke tracks became easily available and my focus shifted from making my own tracks. But this exercise did not go in vein...I learnt a lot and that helped me at getting better at singing too. I had first shared it on eSnips but I am sure all friends must have forgotten about it now. By sharing it again I am actually trying to revive my memories associated with this song and how hard I worked at playing different instruments and recording this cover. Hope you all enjoy it. Original Singers: Lata Mangeshkar/Roop Kumar Rathod Music Director: Madan Mohan/Sanjeev Kohli Lyricist: Javed Akhtar Film: Veer Zaara 2004
    Muzaffar.N... 00:05:32 158 3 Downloads 37 Comments
  • Kashti Ka Khamosh Safar Hai-Duet with Parasmani
    Kashti Ka Khamosh Safar Hai-Duet with Parasmani This song was shared by Parasmani on her blog several years ago. Friends who are here long enough know who Parasmani is. Her blog (http://paras-sargam.blogspot.ca/) is still there but I don't know how frequently it is updated. I was lucky enough to have been asked by her to sing this song with her. She is a very good singer with a voice that is so "Suljhi Hui, clear and dedicated" and she can reflect that oldies culture/style beautifully. I myself never shared this song before and would like to share for my friends here on YL. I hope you will enjoy this song even if you were unfamiliar with it. Original Singers: Kishore Kumar/Sudha Malhotra Music Director: Hemant Kumar Lyricist: Sahir Ludhiyanvi Film: Girlfriend (1960)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:29 134 2 Downloads 32 Comments
  • Bekaif Dil Hai Aur - a Jigar Muradabdi Ghazal
    Bekaif Dil Hai Aur - a Jigar Muradabdi Ghazal Jigar Muradabadi (1890-1960) was a renowned poet. His signature or Takhallus was Muradabadi...meaning from Muradabad, UP, India the same place where my father was from. Though I have never lived there but I feel a sense of connection with this city where there still live several of my ancestors off springs. This is a beautiful ghazal sung by Talat Mehmood for his private albums. Why I am sharing it again after so many years is that I recently saw its track offered for a view at Meragana's weekly notification. When I wanted to sing there was no track available so I prepared one for my singing using keyboard accompaniment and sounds. Hope you all enjoy this ghazal in my voice. Original Singer: Talat Mehmood Poet: Jigar Muradabadi Music Composer: Iqbal Qureshi
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:26 139 1 Downloads 47 Comments
  • Aap Aaye Janab Barson Mein
    Aap Aaye Janab Barson Mein This lovely ghazal was first introduced to me by Late NVK Ji some six years ago. Very light, simple and quite modern day ghazal that was tuned and sung with utmost simplicity by Jagjit Singh. I liked it since then but only got the opportunity to sing and record now. The track is as usual low in fidelity as with Meragana tracks but satisfactory to sing on it. Had a hard time finding who penned these lyrics but found them and posted under credits. I hope you will like it. This is my tribute to Jagjit Singh and to NVK Ji who used to sing JS very closely. Original Composer/Singer: Jagjit Singh Lyrics: Rustam Sehgal Wafa Album: Visions
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:28 148 1 Downloads 28 Comments
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