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  • Peter Gabriel - Heroes
    Peter Gabriel - Heroes Peter's orchestral version of the David Bowie / Brian Eno classic ‘Heroes’, taken from his eight studio album "Scratch My Back".
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  • Say It's Alright Joes
    Say It's Alright Joes Genesis Play me a song Joe To fill the hours till morning Then never again will I bother you Ooh, Build myself a tower No way in no way out. Then my friends can visit me Once in a while. Say it's alright Joe, I need some reassurance You never know what you might find in the night. Ooh I'm just a busy bee, still alive in my hive, I'm looking for some other world To dream out my dreams. There were Kings who were laughing in the rain And they told me I'd come here to lead the parade All the colours were changing, The sky was in ruins The lights are all shining on me and on you Oh, Shine on........ Say it's alright Joe The night will soon be over And nothing and no one will ever know. Open my eyes Joe I'd like to see the daylight The clock on the wall says it's time to leave. Never seen the same face twice Never walked the same way The little love that I have known I keep to myself. If there's a fire it's asleep in my bed I must leave it to burn till it burns itself out Catch as you can I'm not staying here long I'll be coming back early or never at all Shine on........
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  • Blood Horizons
    Blood Horizons Genesis -Mix Blood on the Rooftops + Horizons
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  • Anon - Pennsylvania Flickhouse (Genesis)
    Anon - Pennsylvania Flickhouse (Genesis) Recorded Summer 1966, and generously released November 2011 by Genesis Fan Club "it". The picture was taken at Rob Tyrrell's house during a costume party in 1966. Mike Rutherford can be seen wearing the pirate hat and Anthony Phillips is sitting down behind him. Richard Macphail: Lead Vocals Anthony Phillips: Lead Guitar Mike Rutherford: Rhythm Guitar Rivers Job: Bass Guitar Rob Tyrell: Drums
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  • Swelled and Spent -  1975
    Swelled and Spent - 1975 Genesis A1 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 5:02 A2 Fly On A Windshield 2:56 A3 Broadway Melody Of 1974 2:03 A4 Cuckoo Cocoon 2:21 A5 In The Cage 8:16 A6 The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging 2:51 B1 Back In NYC 6:02 B2 Hairless Heart 2:40 B3 Counting Out Time 4:02 B4 The Carpet Crawlers 5:20 B5 The Chamber Of 32 Doors 5:50 C2 Lilywhite Lilith 2:55 C3 The Waiting Room 3:32 C4 Anyway 3:30 C5 The Supernatural Anesthetist 2:25 C6 The Lamia 7:03 D1 The Colony Of Slipperman: The Arrival / A Visit To The Doktor / The Raven 7:14 D2 The Ravine 0:45 D3 The Light Dies Down On Broadway 3:47 D4 Riding The Scree 4:04 D5 In The Rapids 2:30 D6 It 5:12 C1 Synopsis Of Part 2 (not listed on sleave) 6:06
    Mimmo.Sant... 01:43:19 78 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  •   Peter Gabriel - Signal To Noise
    Peter Gabriel - Signal To Noise Song is Signal To Noise (Instrumental Version) by Peter Gabriel, from the Gangs of New York soundtrack.
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  • Peter Gabriel feat Phil Collins - No Self Control Mimmo.Sant... 00:03:48 127 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Genesis - Throwing It All Away
    Genesis - Throwing It All Away "Throwing It All Away" is the seventh track on the 1986 album Invisible Touch by Genesis. It was the second single from the album in 1986, reaching No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100[1] and No. 22 in Britain,[2] where it was released as the last single of the album in 1987. In the U.S., it also went to No. 1 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart in October 1986 and the Album Rock Tracks chart in August 1986. The working title was "Zephyr and Zeppo".
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  • Phil Collins - the Drummer
    Phil Collins - the Drummer Outtake from Lies Down on Broadway 1974
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  • Steve Hackett -  A Form In Wax
    Steve Hackett - A Form In Wax Steve Hackett Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Album: A Midsummer Night's Dream
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