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LeviLJBaker`s Uploads

  • Wrong Person I enjoy this one
    LeviLJBaker 00:03:47 38 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Again and Again I usually don't like what I make, but this wasn't so bad
    LeviLJBaker 00:02:05 33 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Title and Registration ( Cover ) My shit cover of a nice song by Death Cab For A Cutie!
    LeviLJBaker 00:03:05 20 0 Downloads 0 Comments
    LeviLJBaker 00:01:09 29 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Forever and Ever
    Forever and Ever This is the first song of my new project O.W.OB. ;) Lyrics: You remember that boy who held your hand? He gave you butterflies in a jar To prove he can be spontaneous And original For, at the time, it seemed that your love would last forever And you thought that it would be forever And ever And now you touch yourself in shame Thinking of those times Where he gave you flowers, and kisses And everything oh so sweet Well he’s gone now and you’re left searching For someone who can fill the whole he left You sometimes question, could that have been it? Could he have been just once in a lifetime? And does he care now? You just try and try And try and try to fill the hole It’s something that you can call an endeavor An endeavor But where is he now? And where is the love? Could’ve it have been a one time thing? Where is he now? You were so young And thought that it would be forever And ever Now you’re trying to cope It’s something you can call an endeavor An endeavor It never lasted forever and ever It’s just another attempt, and endeavor An endeavor Do you remember his name?
    LeviLJBaker 00:03:20 38 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Hey Ya ( Cover ) A cover of Hey Ya by Outkast
    LeviLJBaker 00:03:07 49 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Mediocrity
    Mediocrity The fifth and final song to " Another Storm... "
    LeviLJBaker 00:01:41 28 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Another Storm...
    Another Storm... The fourth song to " Another Storm... "
    LeviLJBaker 00:03:43 25 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Filler 54
    Filler 54 The third song of " Another Storm... "
    LeviLJBaker 00:00:54 37 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • We Are Futile
    We Are Futile The second song to my new project, " Another Storm... " Enjoy, hate, it doesn't matter! Haha. Feedback is always accepted
    LeviLJBaker 00:02:49 45 0 Downloads 0 Comments
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