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Jose.Nascimento`s Uploads

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  • Sugar Cube - Goku
    Sugar Cube - Goku Song about having plenty of armor how height of fences can seem aged concern and how about if I ever am with someone and all the sudden someone takes out a gun not to be all over it with the grabbing and getting fingerprints on the gun. I remember when I use to play basketball at the park SWAN and with older people. Somehow I think I got told when someone use a gun its like having Abraham Lincoln monument if you have one or shoot someone. It can be backtracked who had the gun and people know when Abraham Lincoln monument is used improperly. That its best to deliver it the gun if its illegal to have like without permit back to secure placement.
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  • Sugar Cube - SayinTuffNes
    Sugar Cube - SayinTuffNes I'm like play cotton cube game with the spheres.
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  • Sugar Cube - SayinTuffNes I am changing my rap name to SUGAR CUBE.
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  • Super Mario RPG
    Super Mario RPG A song about Mario RPG.
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  • Fall and Rise NP
    Fall and Rise NP Fall and Rise NP I meant Bow not stem of boat on the song. The part I talk about Dr. Seuss i was talking about one drawing of one of their tails. Because once you take a look at one of the Ducks from Disney's tail the episode where they keep showing the bounce in their tail when the ducks from Disney walk that looks like a scorpion tail.
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  • Captin America.
    Captin America. I think I can write.
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  • Musica nova tinha um erro na musica é chocolate suflair. Falei coisa errado.
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  • song about wanting to go camping again I wrote this song about my desire to go camping again.
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  • Sesame Street
    Sesame Street Song about me being a kite getting attacked by kermit the frog and breaking clown shoes. This song is like I am the only one that can take Excalibur out the stone. I am wondering if what I saw was a place where excalibur is in the stone. There was like this giant present box like the room inside a car for passengers. I think my kids with Rebecca went to her in a giant present box. And there was a bow tie. And a Jewlery box with a bow tie on it like suade and large.
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