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Geeksparkelz`s Uploads

  • yellow wip just a demo of an ust i'm working on :)
    Geeksparkelz 00:00:25 18 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Common World Domination - Rin Kagamine Cover Vsq by me original by Pinocchio-P mixing by me also
    Geeksparkelz 00:03:25 78 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Slow Motion Ruko yokune too lazy to write description ust by yusekira mixing by me i made this like two days ago lol
    Geeksparkelz 00:05:17 60 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Palette - Kasane Teto [UTAU] Song: Palette Arrangement: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe) [mylist/6330215] [Twitter @yupeyupe] Lyrics and Illustration: meola [mylist/11529220] [Twitter @meola] [pixiv id=31990] Singer: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cover/Mixing and UST but Geeksparkelz If you use this in a video or any other type of media always credit me by putting the link to the cover and my name somewhere
    Geeksparkelz 00:03:51 37 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Drop pop candy Kasane Teto and Ted cover i made~ original ust: YusukeKira Ust edit and cover: Geeksparkelz
    Geeksparkelz 00:03:47 55 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • 【Geeksparkelz】【Kasane Teto/重音テト】Shinzo Democracy/心臓デモクラシー
    【Geeksparkelz】【Kasane Teto/重音テト】Shinzo Democracy/心臓デモクラシー Song: 心臓デモクラシー/Shinzo Democracy/Heart Democracy Original Producer: MikitoP (みきとP) Album artwork: 夢野翼 Original artist: Hatsune Miku ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cover by: Geeksparkelz Singer: Kasane Teto UST: Geksparkelz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact: DeviantArt: http://geeksparkelz.deviantart.com/ Paigeeworld: https://www.paigeeworld.com/u/geeksparkelz Quotev: https://www.quotev.com/Geeksparkelz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am a 12 year-old artist and Music cover producer currently living in America, please keep up to date with my new music covers with the accounts listed above!
    Geeksparkelz 00:03:54 92 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • [Rolling Girl] GUMI POWER V4 Megpoid
    [Rolling Girl] GUMI POWER V4 Megpoid Hope you like it!(and i hope volume is not a problem!) [Rolling Girl] GUMI POWER V4 Megpoid original artist: Hatsune Miku producer: Wowaka cover artwork: unknown -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quotev: https://www.quotev.com/Geeksparkelz Paigeeworld: https://www.paigeeworld.com/u/geeksparkelz DeviantArt: http://geeksparkelz.deviantart.com/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hold Join.me steams, follow me on Quotev and Paigeeworld to be notified about them!
    Geeksparkelz 00:03:21 261 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  •  [MegpoidV4 (GUMI) Mellow Adult] Hello/How are you - ハロ/ハワユ
    [MegpoidV4 (GUMI) Mellow Adult] Hello/How are you - ハロ/ハワユ I finally finished my Gumi cover of Hello./How are you! Hope you enjoy! Original vocalist: Hatsune Miku (Append Soft) Cover Artwork: mztm Original composer: Nanou (Hoehoe-P) Cover: Me~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accounts: Paigeeworld: https://www.paigeeworld.com/u/geeksparkelz Quotev: https://www.quotev.com/Geeksparkelz DeviantArt: http://geeksparkelz.deviantart.com/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hold Join.me livestreams! Watch out for livestream announcements on my Paigeeworld and Quotev account!
    Geeksparkelz 00:04:59 202 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • [Hatsune Miku V3] -Torinoko City- (Left-Behind City) I have Vocaloid now! here is my first cover! (i used Miku V3) the original was in Miku V2.
    Geeksparkelz 00:03:27 67 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Heat Haze Days Kasane Teto WIP i did not see a Kasane teto english cover of Heat haze days so i'm making the first one! here is a wip, it sounds bad cause a few notes need to be adjusted...
    Geeksparkelz 00:00:08 58 0 Downloads 0 Comments
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