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  • The Love We Make
    The Love We Make "The Love We Make" Desperate is the day that is 2morrow 4 those who do not know the time has come 2 whip the dogs that beg, steal or borrow From the table God set 4 His Son Wicked is the witch that stands 4 nothing All the while watching 2 see U fall Deeper than the ditch that bred your suffering The one being dug right now by them all Happy is the way 2 meet your burdens No matter how heavy or dark the day Pity on those with no hope 4 2morrow It's never as bad as it seems until we say Precious is the baby with a mother That tells him that his Saviour is coming soon All that believe will cleanse and purify themselves Put down the needle, put down the spoon [x2] Sacred is the prayer that asks 4 nothing, oh While seeking 2 give thanks 4 every breath we take, oh Blessed are we inside this prayer 4 in the new world, we will be there The only love there is, is the love we make [x2] (The only love there is, is the love we make) Only love there is, only love there is The only love there is, is the love we make (Yeah) The only love there is, is the love we make
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  • Dear Mr. Man - Egil Olsen (Prince Cover)
    Dear Mr. Man - Egil Olsen (Prince Cover) Dear Mr. Man - Egil Olsen (Prince Cover) Shockadelica: 50th Anniversary Tribute To The Artist Known As Prince Format: Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered 5 × CD, Compilation Country: Norway Released: 02 Jun 2008 Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop Style:Leftfield, Alternative Rock, Country Rock, Indie Rock, Soul-Jazz, House, Soul, Contemporary Jazz, RnB/Swing, Acoustic, Electro
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  • Still Waiting
    Still Waiting Dorothy (1988) Still Waiting UK 7''
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  • Age Of Chance - Kiss (Vocal)
    Age Of Chance - Kiss (Vocal) Age Of Chance - Kiss (US 12'') (1987) 01 - Kiss (Vocal)
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  • Beggin Woman Blues
    Beggin Woman Blues Beggin Woman Blues
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  • The Ride
    The Ride ***The Ride***
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  • Who Knows_Voodoo Chile
    Who Knows_Voodoo Chile Who Knows_Voodoo Chile
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  • Joy In Repetition
    Joy In Repetition Joy In Repetition
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  • Rough (1980)
    Rough (1980) Rough is an unreleased song originally recorded in May - June 1980 at Prince's Wayzata Home Studio, Wayzata, MN, USA during recording sessions for the Dirty Mind album. At some point between June 1980 and April 1981, he recorded a new version with Alexander O'Neal, but recording details are not known. In 1984, the song was considered for The Family, but no new recording was done on the track at the time, as it seemed inappropriate for the group's style. It was later considered for Jill Jones' first album Jill Jones, and her vocals were recorded on 8 January 1986, along with saxophone overdubs by Eric Leeds (four days before recording Conversation Piece and Last Heart). It was rejected from the album, however, and Prince later offered it to Joyce Kennedy of the band Mother's Finest, who turned the song down without recording a version. The lyrics describe a tough girl, who will take your money, your self respect and your personality. "She keeps her money in a garter belt. Next to a .38. If you get the chance to take her out. You better not be late." The song is commonly incorrectly referred to as Too Rough, Tough or Too Tough.
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  • The Glamorous Life
    The Glamorous Life The Glamorous Life Studio Original 1983 version with Prince vocals The Glamorous Life is the sixth and final track on Sheila E.'s first album The Glamorous Life, and, four weeks before the album's release, The Glamorous Life was released as the album's first single; it was, therefore, the first song to be credited to Sheila E.. The Glamorous Life was written by Prince, but credited to Sheila E.. In 1986, the Club Edit was included as the second track on The Glamorous Club Dance EP, a Japan-only EP of extended versions of Sheila E.'s singles. On 19 June 2013, an instrumental rehearsal of The Glamorous Life was streamed live on 3rdEyeGirl LiveStream TV for 3 minutes. Initial tracking took place on 27 December 1983 at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA (the day before In A Spanish Villa and Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar), and the song was originally intended for Apollonia 6 until Prince began to work with Sheila E. in February 1984, at which time he set the song aside for her. Sheila E.'s vocals were recorded in the first few days of April 1984, also at Sunset Sound. The Glamorous Life is notable for featuring the first use of saxophone on a Prince-related track, played by Larry Williams. The track also features the first released appearance of David Coleman (Lisa Coleman's brother) on a Prince-related track, playing cello.
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