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Adina.Galani`s Uploads

  • Do Labzon Ki hai - Cover Adina Galani This is a beautiful simple song of 70s I am not particularly fan of unless mood strikes. And it did, some time ago when in a chat with Satheesh, yes, our Muziboo Satheesh for whom unfortunately YL is not much of a stage, he asked me when will I give him a song to mix. Now am I not lucky! I am always fearing I am bothering people too much with my asking for mixes and at once am asked to do exactly that. :-) Thanks Satheesh for mixing this song. Sparkling and Goddess like echoed this is, Your trademark right. I was In two minds whether to upload it or not, but I am so inactive as of late that I almost restrict my actions here to commenting only. Anyway, here I am with one more upload. How far I can keep the habit of uploading I don't know, but I surely will do my best to be around as usually for a listen. The track is bad, I never heard so many clicks and cracks in one track, but, hobby is hobby and not even God can stop a singer singing, with or without track. :-) Movie: The Great Gambler 1979 MD. R.D Burmann Original Singer: Asha Bhosle No idea who is the lyricist
    Adina.Galani 00:04:42 101 0 Downloads 17 Comments
  • Ye Kahan Aagaye Hum- Cover Adina Galani I was thinking of a big, decorated describtion for this cover, but today when I am to upload it, I am sitting blank minded. It happens, right. Thousands thanks to Naqvi Sir for editting, mixing and Hindi lyrics in their correct form. Sir without You, this cover would have not been possible. No copy-right infringement intended. The song is a 1981 anyway, which means way more than 20 years old. Movie: Silsila 1981 Original Singer: Lata Mangeshkar Reciting: Amitabh Bachchan (kept the original). MD. Shiv-Hari.
    Adina.Galani 00:08:16 167 0 Downloads 25 Comments
  • Dilber Dilse Pyaare- Cover - Adina Galani I guess this is from far, one of my most daring uploads ever. After I shined off in front of an attempt to record "Inhi Logon Ne", I asked my husband if he thought I could sing it; well he said "if Lataji had had no issue with the lyrics, why not going for it"; and I did. Am still slightly blushing listening to myself. It looks after all there is a small little daring feline hidden in the little me. :-) Milions of thanks for this beautiful mix! I have not recorded in months; allergies, shifting into a new flat and tremendous work pressure kept me aside, but I made sure I kept up with listening to You all as far as I could.
    Adina.Galani 00:04:43 244 0 Downloads 21 Comments
  • Main Hoon Khush Rang Hina-cover-Adina Galani Since my voice is not coming out, I thought of sharing some older recordings as well, just so I am not totally forgotten around here. This is a song I so loved ever, for it is incredibly challenging and beautiful. The track is a meragaana, one of those about anyone can say better with this than not at all. Naqvi Sir's mixing has done wonders as usually, thank You Sir. There seems to have been a purpose behind me not sharing this one up till now, when I have not much to upload though would like to. At any rate, if my voice refuzes to ever come back, I can say I do have a few covers I am proud of, including this one! Movie: Hena 1991, MD. Ravindra Jain Lyrics: Ravindra Jain Original Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Adina.Galani 00:04:35 170 0 Downloads 21 Comments
  • Rishte Bante Hain-Cover AdinaGalani For some reason, this song sees the light for me, time being. Don't know why. I love this album, almost entirely, songs like "Bheeni Bheeni Bhor" are also not created too often. "Rishte Bante Hain" (relationship grows slowly) is a philosophical song in my vview, the epidemy of serenity and resignation. I love it, therefore covered it. It is higher than my potential, much higher, but it was worth the experience. Thank You Naqvi Sahab for the beautiful mix. Original singer:Asha Bhosle MD. R.D.Burman Lyrics: Gulzar Album:Dil Padosi Hai, 1982 (I think) Track curtasy: Meragaana
    Adina.Galani 00:05:19 360 1 Downloads 31 Comments
  • Kehta Hai Dil Tum Ho Mere Liye-Duet with Naqvi Sahab Haven't heard this one in ages when Naqvi Sahab suggested it to me. First listen was kind of "ok, not my league", - I was sure I can't sing it because for the sake of me, I doubt I can get those sweet expressions right. And they say if it doesn't come naturally, one should forget it. But I tried my best. :-) From the second listen on, I was surprised I could sing it and start loving its simplicity and innocence. :-) Thank You Naqvi Sahab for considering me and thanks for mixing it so beautifully and for singing it absolutely magnifisant. Thanks everyone for Your listening to our take on this one. Original singers: Talat Mahmood, and Asha Bhosle Movie: Mem Sahib 1956 MD: Madan Mohan Lyrics: Rajinder Krishan
    Adina.Galani 00:03:16 214 0 Downloads 17 Comments
  • Kya Jaanon Sajan - Adina Galani This is a beautiful song from Baharon Ke Sapne 1967. Thanks very much Naqvi Sahab for this mix. As much as I don't do it, I had had kind of a need to have a video for this cover which Kala Aunty has nicely edited for me, thank You. I noticed we are divided so much, some on WhatsApp, some on youtube, some on fb, I am little confused of where to share my songs, without bombing too many with the same too many times. That said, please don't feel obliged by any mean to feedback me everywhere! I am too happy if I have listeners! Comments or not, where, who, is another issue all together; thank You. Movie: Baharon Ke Sapne 1967 MD: R.D Burman Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri, Originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar
    Adina.Galani 00:05:21 260 0 Downloads 21 Comments
  • Tere Siva Na Kisi Ka Banoonga-Muzaffar Naqvi&Adina Galani There is always a reason for what ever happens to us, some say. I sometimes too believe so. Heard this song some time ago and I must confess here, whenever I hear some song I like, I either imagine it singing or just wondering, shall I ask Naqvi Sahab or not if it is a duet. Well this time I did and here is the result. I know I took long, but that is no news for anyone I think. :-) Thank You Sir for singing with me, for Your patience, motivation and guidance. Thank You for this beautiful mix and for the pain of dealing with my diction and style of singing. I know too well this is a challenge and I as well know You are one of the very few if not the only one, keeping me alive into music. It is all Your credit, the song and the way it came. If any flaws at my side, (surely there) they are entirely mine and I proudly assume them! :-) Thank You all for Your listening. Movie: Professor Pyarelal, 1981, Music Director Kalyanji Anandji Lyrics written by Rajinder Krishan Original Singers: Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle
    Adina.Galani 00:04:32 331 0 Downloads 19 Comments
  • Jis Path Pe Chala - cover Adina Galani A beautiful composition of 70s, I think much less known than it deserved to. I know the strong feminists shouting for equality won't like this one, lyrics wise, Heheh. :-) Noticed I haven't uploaded in a month, completing some duets in meanwhile, then summer came which keeps me mostly out on ice cream diet... But I love that YL gets more active by day and that would keep my motivation high as well. The track I sang on is... As it is. That's the advantage of me as a hobby singer, I don't restrict to pro tracks killing my dreams just because they are not available for the songs I want to sing. And if I don't have a track, I will sing just like that, on a tabla based bgm I can, as discovered lately, download through some sort of an app.... :-) Big thanks to Naqvi Sir for mixing this one, sorry for the headache this track might have caused Sir... Your magic touch did the trick once again so that it sounds good now. Thank You! And thanks everyone for listening, that means a lot to me, no matter if You take the time to drop a line inn here or not! Movie: Yaadgaar(1970), Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Kalyanji Anandji
    Adina.Galani 00:04:09 255 0 Downloads 32 Comments
  • Mohe Bhool Gaye Sanwariya-Adina Galani Had this song recorded last year, but still can't explain why I have never thought of mixing it. Perhaps because it was one of my first experiences with my new recording gheer and I did not trust, either my hand in fixing the levels or my singing this tough one though I attempted the recording twice. But the magic touch of Naqvi Sahab made it a totally new listening experience for me as well. Thank You Sir, for mixing this one so beautiful. Am almost running to the emotional higher border, just thinking how You never tell me no when it comes to my mixing requests, how You always keep me motivated, how You show unimaginable level of patience and understanding when it comes to waiting for me to complete my duet parts, that shows Your quality not only as a spiritual father and musician but as a human being I am blest to have come across. To this song? It is dramatic, beautiful and heavy, a Shakeel Badayuni/Naushad combo which like all others in the line, amazes me with every listen. Movie :Baiju Bawra(1952) Original Singer: : Lata Mangeshkar, Lyricist : Shakeel Badayuni, Music Director : Naushad ,
    Adina.Galani 00:04:13 411 0 Downloads 34 Comments
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